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Autodesk Netfabb Ultimate 2020 R0 .

Autodesk Netfabb Ultimate 2020 R0 | 1.1 Gb

The Autodesk team is pleased to announce the availability of Netfabb 2020. The 2020 Release provides easier file sharing, and improved file import controls on homogenization and volume fraction. Controls for build plate adjustment and animations are enhanced.

What's New 2020 (April 2019)

Simulation Utility

Edit Geometry on Import
- When importing part and support structure files, users now have significant control over volume fraction and homogenization options in the new Edit Geometry dialog:
Easier File Sharing
- PRM files used in a project are now saved with the related TIVUS file. This applies to both generic and custom PRM files. When you open a TIVUS file sent to you by another user, the associated PRM file is linked, and added to your PRM library, if it's not already there.
- Simulation projects can be exported in a single compressed archive file, with options to include only the setup data, or the complete setup, mesh, and result data.
New Build Plate Controls
- Instead of having the top of the build plate snapped to the bottom of the part, you can now deselect the option "Snap to minimum Z coordinate" if you want to sink parts or support structures into the build plate.
- The spatial relationship between the part and the build plate is more accurately preserved when adjusting the X or Y dimensions of the build plate. The Z dimension of the build plate can increase by expanding downward but not upward.
Animation Z Height Controls
- Controls originally provided only for Directed Energy Deposition (DED) simulations are now available for powder bed simulations as well. Users can enter a particular layer number or Z height they want to examine, in addition to the controls for time and increment number.

Local Simulation

Heat Treatment Improvements
- Several new cards refine the control of heat treatment processes:
. *HTOR (Heat Treatment Order) can specify when heat treatment occurs in relation to the removal of build plate and support structures.
. *HTAT (Heat Treatment Anytime) can schedule multiple heat treatment processes during a simulation.
. *STR1 (Stress Relief Heat Treatment Simulation 1) and *STR2 are used to specify the time and temperature values used in heat treatment schedules.
Shell Splitting
- New card *SPSH (Split STL Homogenization) is used to turn on shell splitting of multi-entity homogenized STLs during meshing.
- New card *RBMO (Rigid Body Motion Optimization) controls the optimization process that occurs in models at the end of the mechanical part scale analysis.
Enhanced STL Support
- Configuration 2 is added to *STLM (Multiple STL Mapping) to support the use of custom build plate STLs.
Compensated STLs
- The ability to create warped or compensated STL files is now extended to solid support structures (volume fraction of 1).
Bounding Box
- New card *NBBX (No Bounding Box Change) allows the bounding box of an STL file to be updated after the file is repaired. This overrides the default behavior of resetting the bounding box to the initial value after repair.
Variable Convection Values
- *TCNV (Thickness-Dependent Convection Coefficients) has been fixed, so it allows the user to specify convection values that vary with the thickness of parts, homogenized parts, and support structures.
New Example
- Example 19 is added; it uses custom build plate geometry in part scale powder bed modeling.

Simulation Utility

- CER report shows 2019 as Product version for 2020 installs.
- Cloud solve Deletion leaves the parent folder with all a bunch of files in the sim folder
- QA: Unable to access Results or Logs from Cloud jobs, if session is closed and reopened.
- Cloud solve crashes while Downloading the results on cloud-pc
DED Workflow
- Fixed issue where single layers LSR files set to 'Deposit 1st layer' would revert to 'Melt 1st layer'
Job Manager
- Job Manager 'Time Started' and 'Machine' sorting is incorrect
Job Manager, Localization
- For unicode STL files within unicode directories, the progress bar will show the N/A status until the simulation completes.
- Traditional Chinese:The ":" symbol is inconsistent with others in "New Process Parameters" dialog
- Settings dialog contains some language names that are not localized.
- UI text string not localized.
- Missing labels in the Legend/color bar for CHS/CHT/JPN.
- Loc_All:Unlocalized string "Portuguese" in the dropdown list of "Language:" at "Settings" dialog
- Localization_All: String "Export and compress Project File(File name) to" is unlocalized in "Export Project File" Dialog.
- Localization_All: String "Project" is translated incorrectly in "Export" Dialog.
- Localization: Estimated Heat Loss unlocalized in Chinese
- In French and Spanish product versions, some strings and icons are missing in the UI.
- In French and Spanish product versions, the Navigation Wheel on the View tab does not work.
- PTB:Unlocalized some string at the bottom of viewport
- Localization_All: Unlocalized string "Select Through" under the "Select Visible" dropdownlist in "Results" tab
- Localization_All:Unlocalize strings "Global recoater clearance%/Global recoater status" under "Result" rollout
- Localization_All:Unlocalized all strings in "Preview" tab
Localization , PRM Workflow
- Users can now scale the generic PRMs in Unicode folders.
- Wrong Units of Specific heat in Stainless steel material
- Stainless steel material is not showing in PRM dialog.
Orientation Optimization
- Optimizer selecting duplicate points
PRM Workflow
- .tivus file saved with generic prm and shift to custom prm, doesn't remove
- Use MNAM = 0 for custom material PRM files
- Lack of Fusion and Hotspot PRM files can generated within Unicode file systems
- New PRMs are not added to Processing Parameter library at 1st solve
- New Prm generation using Stainless steel is failing
- Custom numerical relaxation settings during PRM generation are now retained by child PRM runs when using the edit functionality.
- Min-max buttons are now always shown on the unwarped mesh.
- Using the animation tools will no longer uncollapse the project tree, allowing for cleaner screenshots and video capture of simulation results.
- The Clipping Plane angle is not automatically reset when changing the clipping plane normal vector.
Powder Bed Workflow
- Critical Warning 1041 text message not written to flyout notification
- In Settings dialog changing Language from English to Spanish and again to English after re-launching it crashes.
- Example 8 part 1 support is misaligned upon import
Sim LT
- Latest NFB Ultimate 2020 build, SIMLT is crashing
- Crash when starting a new Project, but not when opening a legacy one
UI Generic
- Scrolling over the solve results with the mouse wheel when vertical scroll bar is visible can change the model zoom level. Workaround: Click and drag the vertical scroll bar instead of using the mouse wheel.
- The number of significant figures for the deposition multiplier field, previously set to 2, has been expanded to 3.
- PTB:Some strings and icons are missing in the UI

Local Simulation

- Fix overly non-conforming mesh for moving adaptivity. Workaround: use a larger value of ADP1.
- TCNV thickness based convection values are not being used.

About Autodesk Netfabb. The Autodesk Netfabb additive manufacturing and design software is one of the most popular go to platforms for design engineers and manufacturing specialists alike when it comes to creating for AM. In fact, according to Netfabb, there were already 80,000 users of its products worldwide before it became a part of the Autodesk family. Since Netfabb's acquisition by Autodesk in 2015, they have continued to expand its tools and capabilities year on year and 2020 is no exception.

The 2020 Release provides easier file sharing, and improved file import controls on homogenization and volume fraction. Controls for build plate adjustment and animations are enhanced.

Netfabb is available to customers in 4 different subscription models: Netfabb Standard, Netfabb Premium, Netfabb Ultimate and Netfabb Simulation.

About Autodesk. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.

Product: Autodesk Netfabb
Version: 2020 R0 Ultimate
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: ShiChuang 7even or newer
Size: 1.1 Gb

Download link:

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