Artlantis Studio. Multilangual (Mac OS X)

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Artlantis Studio. Multilangual (Mac OS X)
Artlantis Studio Multilangual | MacOSX | 656 MB

Artlantis Studio is a 3D animation and virtual panoramas creation tool for Mac OS X, that aims at helping architects, space planners, and designers express their ideas through high quality renditions. The app's features are organized around various tabs and panels, so finding your way around is fairly intuitive.

Effortlessly create 3D animations and other illustrations by making use of the built in catalog
The Artlantis Studio utility comes with more than 400 different graphic elements and media objects that can be quickly integrated into your own projects. The app enables you to use shaders, texture mapping, 3D objects, plants or people.

The Artlantis in-app store provides access to more than 5000 new objects, but keep in mind that you have to purchase them separately. Furthermore, the Bilboards function enables you to integrate 2D images into a 3D rendering. As far as productivity is concerned, thanks to the Artlantis Studio real-time radiosity preview, you can visualize the effect of each modification instantly, and then quickly adjust parameters, if necessary.

Create high quality graphic representations or 3D animations
Artlantis Studio integrates heliodons that can simulate a realistic, natural lighting, but also enables you to use artificial lights, or neon shaders. In addition, when working with spherical backgrounds generated by HDRI images, the utility deals with the overall illumination, creating 360 reflections.

If you need to create presentations, Artlantis Studio allows you to change the viewer's perspective and analyze the modifications generated by the lighting or seasons changes.

At the same time, Artlantis Studio provides support for most popular exchange file formats and offers additional integration plug-ins in order to help you transfer your projects to other apps, such as ArchiCAD, SketchUp, VectorWorks, and so on.

Thanks to the built-in iVisit 3D technology, Artlantis Studio allows you to create panoramas or VR objects that can be visualized online: since the app is using images and not the actual 3D animation, the rendering is very fast.

Powerful 3D animation utility that can generate panoramas and helps you present your ideas
To conclude, Artlantis Studio provides a plethora of efficient tools that can help you create detailed illustrations, or high quality 3D objects that will be rendered by the high quality Maxwell Render Engine. Artlantis Studio also comes with a Farm Renderer that offers you the possibility to create realistic graphic illustrations and present your project in a professional manner.

- Simple and homogenous UI
- Ergonomic UI design
- Preview Display engine
- Radiosity displays in real time
- All Shader parameters are animated
- Color variation, moving water, texture placement, etc
- Shaders Inspector List
- Texture Mapping Interface
- Realistic and automatic physical sun
- Sky and cloud editor
- Create AOF Objects
- Animated 3D characters with attitude option
- 2D View
- VR Objects for opening an editable horizontal angle graphically
- Ergonomic Media handling
- Catalogs divided into 3 fields: favorites, thumbnails and preview
- Optimized Multi-Image Rendering

Unable to select the material when the clipping box was active
Crash when displaying the Shaders inspector after deleting an object instance
Now an alert appears when the automatic backup folder is not found
Undo / Redo of the scene get deactivated when the scene information dialog had been opened
Applying a texture to an object with bevels canceled them
Background Image a double-clicks in the area do not always displayed the dialog
Image foreground was placed, the button edit alpha channel remained grayed out if the image names contained accented characters
The foreground image edited for the alpha channel changed size 256x256
Preview window: The level of transparency of shadows shader of the MatteShadow shader did not updated
Batch crash solved
Unable to drag and drop a shader on a geometry laid on the infinite ground
The power slider of the foreground did not work
List of objects, crash when using displaying by alphabetical order
Improvements on the Irradiance Map for camera animation only.
Insertion tool: Clicking on Reset to Default, then Cancel didn't cancel the Reset to Default Changing the Heliodon settings, the Preview window twinkled
Batch dialog: in multi selection, all the document names turned to "-"
Artlantis Batch rendering: spots could appear on the renderings
Crashes while calculating an animation
Constraining a 3D tree to a given date then Save / Open didn't work.
Mac: In the Foreground the Power cursor was deactivated
In renderings normal maps were ignored
The base of Billboards showed artifacts
The Clipping box was not for the Infinite ground
White balance had no effect in rendering
Help menu new item "show log files" facilitating the recovery of log files
Language, Polish version fixed
Interface, truncated texts fixed
Postcards dialog enlarged
Media Store icon restored
Media Converter many crash issues solved
Keyboard shortcuts deactivated when editing an alphanumeric field Media Converter crashed on Mac OS X 10.8.5
Catalog: converted HDRI vignettes badly displayed
Camera Architect activated, the laser vanished
IES now tuned up
2D View display correctly, close then reopen the file the 2D View didn't display the angle and the camera position
In Italian the translation of Ambient Occlusion was missing.
In the export dialog from ArchiCAD 17 and 18 to Artlantis 6 when using a reference file textures were ignored
Clipping box rotation was inoperative

Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
Language: Multilangual

Artlantis Studio. Multilangual (Mac OS X)

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