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Capture One Pro Multilangual Mac OS X

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Capture One Pro 8 is a professional RAW converter offering you ultimate image quality with accurate colors and incredible detail from more than 300 high-end cameras - straight out of the box. It offers state-of-the-art tethered capture, powerful digital asset management, extensive adjustment tools and a flexible workflow.

With an updated processing engine, market-leading performance and powerful new features, Capture One Pro 8 is the professional choice in imaging software. You get the highly responsive precision tools you need to create stunning images from your camera's RAW files in a time-saving workflow that can be customized to fit your needs.

Excel in Quality

For more than a decade Capture One Pro has been the preferred choice for thousands of professional and enthusiast photographers around the world. They depend on Capture One Pro to deliver ultimate image quality and to realize the potential in every shot.

Each of the more than 300 cameras supported in Capture One Pro 8 goes through a rigorous testing and profiling process. This ensures the best out-of-the-box results in terms of color reproduction and noise reduction that matches the camera's characteristics in various shooting conditions. Capture One Pro 8 raises the bar even further so you can get better image quality than ever before - straight out of the box and through the adjustment possibilities.

Capture Your Vision

Choose Capture One Pro 8 to capture your vision with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness. Simply import your RAW files from camera, memory cards and storage devices or shoot directly into the application to get started.

Employ the world's most advanced tethered capture solution and view your images instantly in close-up detail to ease image selections and adjustment choices. Operate your camera remotely and speed up your workflow with Live View for supported Medium Format, DSLR and other cameras. Let your clients follow the shoot remotely and pick their favorite images with Capture Pilot.

Control Your Assets

Capture One Pro 8 supports you with powerful tools to organize, compare and select your images in a workflow that can be customized to best suit your needs.

Choose an integrated digital asset management set-up with Catalogs to work independently of your files' location, or use Sessions to organize your work into projects and work directly on your RAW files where they are located on your computer or storage drives. You control your assets - just choose the workflow that works for you and Capture One Pro 8 will fill in the gaps.

Free Your Creativity

Capture One Pro 8 provides professionals and enthusiasts alike with amazing tools to enhance and adjust their images. Work directly with the RAW file to ensure maximum quality and save time by sticking to one application for all your adjustments.

You can devote your undivided attention to one shot at a time or speed up your workflow by adjusting large numbers of images consistently and effectively. Capture One Pro 8 gives you the freedom to create your desired look for every capture.

Showcase Your Talent

Process large numbers of images quickly and effectively into multiple formats simultaneously for delivery to your clients in whatever format, size, or resolution while preserving the originals. You can process to several formats at once using the Process Recipes or use the Export tool to quickly export images or variants.

Let Capture One Pro 8 showcase your creativity and display your images in the best light. Present your work with stylish templates, create a slideshow in seconds or produce an appealing web gallery for clients and partners.

Perform & Produce

Capture One Pro 8 enables photographers to reduce the time and effort required to create stunning images from leading high-end cameras. With many stability and performance improvements, Capture One Pro 8 gives you a market-leading, high-quality workflow for refining and managing your images.

Capture One Pro 8 offers a significantly more responsive and reliable workflow compared to previous versions giving you unprecedented fast tethered capture, image ingestion and preview generation. With its image quality, reliability and speed, Capture One Pro 8 ensures a smooth and flexible workflow that can be customized to fit your needs.

Edit Photos in External Applications

Perform additional editing, retouching or photo manipulation in external applications with just a few clicks. When you are done the edited images will be saved right back into your session or catalog for future safekeeping. Future edits on those images will also be reflected and updates in the session or catalog.

Smart Cursor Tools

Work faster and smarter with the new easy access cursor tools. Just right-click in an image get access to the settings for your chosen cursor tool, right under your cursor.

Local Adjustments

Capture One Pro 8 now comes with a full complement of Local Adjustments. Fine-tune details with for instance luminance noise reduction and white balance in targeted areas of your images for unlimited creative control. Work directly on the RAW file to ensure maximum quality and detail retention and save time by making all adjustments in ome application.

Film Grain

Capture One Pro 8 introduces a new and unique Film Grain tool that lets you add grain directly to your images to mimic film stock, hide noise or simply for creative effect. The advanced Film Grain algorithms are based on a physical model for how light interacts with silver halide to create authentic grain that is fully scalable and natural to the eye.

Advanced File Naming

Capture One will help you ensure consistent file naming from shoot to shoot. The improved naming tool enables you to create customized, token-based naming systems with ease. Choose your own combination of text and tokens to create your own bespoke naming system and apply it an individual photograph or a group of images. Use the new filename search & replace to correct mistakes in the names of several files.

Repair Layers

Capture One Pro 8 now allows you to completely control the content of your images and to remove unwanted objects or blemishes. The new clone and heal layers allow you to perform simple cloning or advanced healing, with full control over the size and shape of the affected areas.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

With Capture One Pro 8, you can bring out even more detail in highlights and shadows - even in over- or underexposed images. The improved HDR tool helps you perfect high-contrast scenes by recovering blown-out highlights and opening up dark shadows, all from one single capture.

Black & White Conversion

Convert your images to black & white directly in Capture One Pro 8. An array of controls let you precisely adjust the color channels and create split toning effects when you convert to gray-scale.

What's new in version 8.1:

New features

* Editing in Photoshop

* Improved Auto Adjust

* Quick Cursor Tools

* Find/replace renaming

* Additional and improved naming tokens

* Multiple Guides

* Incremental Camera Controls

* Up to 16 Adjustments Layers

* Additional TIFF processing options

Bug fixes

* Mac: Fixed an issue where Export to Originals did not include LCC or ICC profiles

* Mac: Fixed an issue where incorrect dates would be applied to imported images

* Mac: Fixed an issue where using the Spot tool together with a Heal Layer would result in a crash

* Fixed some stability issues

* Fixed 100+ other bugs

Camera support

* Support for Phase One A-series cameras

* Live View for Sony A7S, A7R and Sony A7 Mark II

* Tether support for Sony a5100

* File and tether support for Sony A7-II

* Tether support for Canon 7D mark II

* File support for Fujifilm X100T and X30

* File support for Canon G7X

* File support for Panasonic FZ1000

* Improved support for Leica T

Lens support

* Alpagon 5.6/23 mm

* Alpar 4.0/35 mm

* Alpagon 5.6/70mm

* Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 5.6/23 mm

* Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 4.0/35 mm

* Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4.0/40 mm

* Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 4.0/50 mm

* Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 5.6/70 mm

* Zeiss Distagon T* 2/35mm ZF.2

* Zeiss Distagon T* 1.4/35mm ZF.2

* Zeiss Planar T* 1,4/50mm ZF.2

* Zeiss Makro Planar T* 2/50mm ZF.2

* Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/85mm ZF.2

* Zeiss Makro Planar 2/100mm ZF.2

* Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* 2/135mm ZF.2

* Canon G7X

Known issues

Below you will find a list of known issues for Capture One 8 at the time of shipping.

All users

* Browsing folders containing unsupported image files may affect application performance.

* Previews from earlier versions of Capture One may be updated. In some cases, this can affect the application performance the first time images are viewed in this version of Capture One.

* Using e.g. a US laptop keyboard it might be preferable to change some of the standard keyboard shortcuts.

* Editing images in external applications other than Adobe Photoshop might result in unexpected behavior.

Mac users

* It is only possible to show the Capture One toolbar in "Icon Only" mode.

* Live View over USB can stall without the use of a repeater.

Capture One Pro Multilangual Mac OS X

Capture One Pro Multilangual Mac OS X

Capture One Pro Multilangual Mac OS X

System Requirements

Mac OS 10.9 or 10.10

Language: Multilangual

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Capture One Pro Multilangual Mac OS X

Capture One Pro Multilangual Mac OS X

Capture One Pro Multilangual Mac OS X

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