AKVIS Bundle 2014 Incl apps and plugins (MAC OSX)

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AKVIS Bundle 2014 Incl apps and plugins (MAC OSX)

AKVIS Bundle 2014 Incl apps and plugins (MAC OSX)

AKVIS Bundle 2014 Incl apps and plugins (MAC OSX) | 3.31GB

Language: Russian, English, French, German and others.

System requirements:
OS X 10.6 or later,
64-bit processor

AKVIS All Plugins 2014 will make you an artist, restorer, a magician and creative person. When you first turn the program AKVIS, a surprisingly simple interface box and 5-6 buttons when you hover on them exhaustively talk about their functions.

Plug-in (plug-in) - a plug-in. Ie program that is installed in another program is called, and it runs through it. AKVIS plugins are compatible with many graphic editors. All of our programs are categorized as Photoshop compatible plugins, ie They definitely work with Adobe Photoshop, as well as all the editors that support these plugins, ie with most raster graphics programs. AKVIS (standalone) - separate programs that run and operate independently. Each plug-in can run without a graphical editor, that is, as a standalone program.
Note: All AKVIS plugins are called from the menu Filters / Filter or Effects / Effects, except AKVIS Magnifier. You will find a plug-in automation tools Magnifier (File -> Automate).

List of plug-ins:
AKVIS AirBrush 2.0 - allows you to turn a photo into a drawing in the technique of airbrushing. The program acts as an art filter, changing the image and turning it into aerographic drawing in accordance with the selected settings. With AKVIS AirBrush can automatically convert any photo into a work of art.
The program acts as an art filter, changing the image and turning it into aerographic drawing in accordance with the selected settings. Do not need to perform complex manual work, draw lines and details with tools. Simply select one of the presets or play with the settings of the effect. The program itself will do everything!
AKVIS ArtSuite 10.5 - helps to give the photos an original and festive look.
The program allows you to create a greeting card, a holiday album, a poster or calendar, place the image in the frame to turn a color photo into a modern stylized black and white portrait, and even make color correction.
Methods of processing images in ArtSuite divided into two groups: Scope and Effects.
AKVIS Coloriage 9.5 - a program to colorize black and white photos and replacing colors on color images. The program is extremely easy to use, requires no special effort, transforms the work into the game, drawing and inspiring. The main problem - the separation of areas and choice of colors. Just a few strokes to designate sites for repainting and run the calculation. Coloriage recognizes the borders and paint the image, superimposing color with light texture, light and shadows. This automatic colorization significantly saves time!
AKVIS Decorator 3.0 - allows you to create a variety of things, from the realistic to the unimaginable.
The program changes the surface of the object, imposes a new texture, while maintaining the volume, shape, folds, shadows of the original image.
AKVIS Enhancer 14.0 - program for processing photos, designed to improve the detail of the image, the correction of shaded areas and sharpening borders and contrast.
AKVIS HDRFactory 4.0 - a program for creating images with high dynamic range, and for correcting photos. With AKVIS HDRFactory you can get as much as possible realistic picture and vivid and dramatic stylized image.
The program allows you not only to combine multiple photos into an image HDR, but also to create the HDR effect on a single image, the so-called pseudo-HDR. Just one picture loaded into the program HDRFactory, open your gate to the fascinating world of HDR!
AKVIS LightShop 4.0 - program to add lighting effects to the image. AKVIS LightShop, like a magic wand that helps realize your vision. You can populate the night sky mysterious objects, add a photo sunset or fireworks, glow lights and glow of candles. LightShop decorate and variety of pictures.
AKVIS Magnifier 7.1 - software for resizing digital pictures without quality loss. With AKVIS Magnifier can not only reduce the image to put it on the Web or send to friends. Magnifier provides a magnified image quality from a small picture.
The program provides an increase in the picture dozens of times with no artifacts or halos! Changing the image size, Magnifier restores border and parts of fights with jpeg-artifacts.
AKVIS MultiBrush 8.0 - ideal for photo retouching and drawing pictures, remove unwanted parts and adding new ones. The name of the program MultiBrush means >many hands>. And in fact, it's a laboratory in which you can edit a portrait, restore an old photograph to finish something on a photo or draw a picture from scratch. The program presents two sets of tools - Standard and paint brushes.
AKVIS Noise Buster - program to suppress the digital noise in the image. AKVIS Noise Buster suppresses noise matrix of a digital camera and noises that appear when you scan a photograph, reduces graininess and eliminates non-uniform color spots on the image, while maintaining detail and sharpness of borders.
The program removes both luminance noise and color (chroma). The first appears as distorting elements differing in brightness (e.g., irregularities on the skin), the second - in the form of small spots having a difference in color (stained red or blue). Noise Buster copes with its task and in fact, and in another case.
AKVIS Refocus 4.0 - helps to sharpen the fuzzy, blurry, defocused images. With this program you can correct the entire image, or to >bring into focus> only a certain object, select it on the background elements of the plan.
AKVIS Charcoal - allows you to convert a photo into a drawing made charcoal, chalk, sanguine. With this program, you can turn a photo into a drawing charcoal on colored paper or chalk on the pavement, you can combine materials and tools and changing the color of the paper, to achieve a variety of effects.
AKVIS Sketch - allows you to turn a photo into a drawing.
Now you do not need to own a masterly pencil to create an original work of art.
Enough to have a little imagination and AKVIS Sketch! The program converts photos into sketches in pencil or charcoal, not only allows you to create a black and white pencil sketch, but a color picture, and get the effect of watercolors and pastels.
AKVIS Neon 1.0 -risunok glowing lines
The program AKVIS Neon designed to create neon effects to the images. It allows you to turn a photo into a bright and unusual pattern, made glowing lines. The program does not require any special knowledge and skills, it is easy to use. A set of ready-made presets help you quickly create many wonderful effects.
With AKVIS Neon can transform the most ordinary picture into a wonderful drawing
AKVIS SmartMask 6 - effective tool to quickly select an object in the image.
The isolated fragment, creating masks - one of the most popular and the most labor-intensive operations performed when working with images. Many activities are available only after the selection is made a certain area. Select an object is necessary when removing the background, this is the first step toward creating a photomontage. Masking can be used to fine retouching and any correction to apply the effects to the selected image area.
AKVIS SmartMask allows you to quickly and accurately cut out of the picture, for example, separate the human figure from the background.

The installation procedure:
AKVIS (standalone) - in the Programs folder
Plug-in (plug-in) - in plugins / filters


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