A Hassle-Free Way to Recover Lost Data with Active@ UNERASER

For as long as digital technology has existed, data loss has been foremost on people's minds. If you've ever formatted a drive or partition or emptied the recycle bin only to realize moments later that you've deleted important files, then you know the feeling. However, people often assume that emptying the recycle bin or formatting a drive permanently deletes all data stored within. After all, Windows and other operating systems warn you by default before you have a chance to proceed. Once the confirmation has been given, it's normal to assume that the data is gone for good. Fortunately, that's not actually the case.

How Does Data Recovery Work with [email protected] UNERASER?

When files are deleted from the recycle bin, or the partition or drive has been formatted, the only thing that changes initially is master file table. This enormous database contains information about every file and folder on the drive, such as its location, name and filetype. When a file is deleted, the entry in the MFT is deleted, and the space occupied by that file is made available to the operating system. However, until something overwrites the original data on the drive, it will remain there intact. Until that happens, however, there is a window of opportunity during which you can get it back. That's where [email protected] UNERASER comes in.

[email protected] UNERASER exploits this opportunity to locate deleted files or files on formatted drives, even if the entire filesystem has been removed and the drive still needs to be formatted before normal use. Sometimes, the original data doesn't get permanently overwritten for months or even years, though it's always better to act sooner, since the chances of success will be much higher. That's why you should act quickly to minimize the risk of overwriting the deleted data. [email protected] UNERASER runs from a self-contained boot environment to avoid writing any additional information to the drive, therefore reducing the chances it overwrites the data you want to recover.

Because the meta data (information about the file) is permanently deleted when the drive is formatted or the recycle bin is emptied, the deleted data is invisible to the operating system. However, [email protected] UNERASER works by detecting other file signatures to determine the type of file and provide a preview of recoverable files. The latest edition provides support for a large number of file formats. New file signatures supported include ONE, PUB, VDI, BCB, IBD, MYI and FRM. You can also recover images, audio and video files, documents and any other filetype. Version 13.0.0 also provides a new Easy Recovery Mode to simplify the search for lost files.

While you should always get into the habit of keeping current backups of your files, preferably in an off-site location such as the cloud, you also need multiple layers of security. This is doubly true for businesses and individuals who store sensitive data on their devices. Computers and hard drives can fail without notice and, if you don't have a current backup, a file-recovery tool like [email protected] UNERASER presents one final chance to get everything back intact. To find out more, visit http://www.uneraser.com. You can also choose from the Processional and Ultimate Packages, which come with the latest versions of [email protected] Boot Disk as well.

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Troubleshoot Your Computer with Active@ Boot Disk

Trying to deal with a computer that just won't start up is a frustrating experience, not least rarely easy to tell what the problem is. Sometimes, users are left with no choice but to try reinstalling the operating system from scratch, but that's a major undertaking in itself. Moreover, starting over in this manner requires wiping the drive and reinstalling everything manually. With [email protected] Boot Disk, you have the tools you need to copy over your data before reinstalling Windows on your computer or carrying out some troubleshooting routines to try to resolve the problem. A powerful software suite offering a wide range of tools, [email protected] Boot Disk helps you recover deleted data, repair damaged drives, securely erase data on old computers and much more. Because it functions in its own operating environment, it doesn't depend on your operating system, which means it works even when your computer won't boot or doesn't have an operating system installed.

Backup and Recovery Made Easy

All computer users need to be prepared for the next wave of cybersecurity attacks, especially now that ransomware is such a major concern. Backup and disaster recovery are no longer something that only business users need to worry about - careful planning and proactive measures are important for anyone who uses a computer for anything important. [email protected] Boot Disk comes with a range of tools to make backup and recovery quicker and easier than ever. The included disk-imaging software lets you make a byte-by-byte copy of everything on your hard drive, including the operating system, all your programs and your documents. This is also useful if you are upgrading to a new hard drive or transferring everything to a new computer, since it's a lot quicker than manually reinstalling everything from scratch.

Securely Erase or Undelete Data

[email protected] Boot Disk comes with 3 important disk utilities designed to erase unwanted data securely and recover deleted data. [email protected] KillDisk is a disk sanitation solution that exhaustively overwrites drives and partitions with zeros so that potentially sensitive data can never be recovered from them. This is especially important if you are planning to donate or sell your computer. However, if your goal is to recover deleted data after you have accidentally formatted a drive, deleted a partition or emptied the recycle bin, the [email protected] File Recovery 18 and [email protected] Partition Recovery 18 are the tools you need for the job. With their simple, wizard-driven interface, you can use them within the self-contained boot environment to recover data without risking further modification to the contents of the drive.

[email protected] Boot Disk sports many other improvements, including an improved disk image creator, the addition of a disk defragmenter and an option for skipping USB drive formatting. The latest versions of all the tools are provided as well. All tools work within a self-contained environment that runs from a bootable drive, such as a DVD or USB flash drive. Even if you don't have an operating system installed, you can still enjoy the complete functionality of [email protected] Boot Disk and its various programs. Find out more at http://www.boot-disk.com.

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How to Automate FTP Tasks to Improve Operational Efficiency

Those who work in web development or carry out any other tasks that involve connecting to and downloading and uploading files on an FTP server know just how tedious the process can be with a conventional FTP client. As a daily part of many people's routines, manually connecting to the FTP server and then waiting for files to upload and download individually becomes a practical impossibility very quickly. When you have to work with large and complicated file and folder structures or multiple FTP servers, the work just increases exponentially. Whether you're manually installing a theme or plugin for your favorite content management system or updating other files on your website or web-based app, using an FTP client might provide an instantly familiar interface, but it's not long before it becomes useless in more demanding environments. The conventional FTP client is extremely limited when it comes to speed, responsiveness and features, which is why many people need a less manually intensive solution. FTPGetter Professional was created to overcome these limitations and help you do more with your time.

Automate FTP Transfers and Synchronize Your Files Easily

One of the biggest time-sinks in the modern business technology environment is a lack of automation. Oftentimes, employees spend a large amount of time performing tedious manual tasks and trying to use inadequate workarounds for common technology challenges. Using a conventional FTP client to work with files on a remote server is a perfect example of an inefficient and laborious task. When you need to keep files synchronized between the local machine and the remote server, things become even more complicated, and there's the serious risk of costly human error. It's practically impossible to keep all files current in more complicated systems, which makes data loss an inevitability sooner or later. FTPGetter Professional, on the other hand, automatically monitors any changes between the specified folders on local and remote severs and updates files and folders as required. You can, for example, have the program automatically check for new file creations once per hour, updating them as necessary to ensure that all data is kept current. Furthermore, thanks to full support for batch-processing, you can work with directory structures and multiple FTP or SFTP servers of any level of complexity.

As soon as you start up the program for the first time, you'll quickly see how FTPGetter Professional offers the perfect solution for those seeking a way to automate FTP transfers. The learning curve is minimal, and the user interface should be instantly familiar to anyone who has used a regular FTP client before. Under the good, it provides far more power. You can add and manage as many FTP or SFTP servers as you want and work with systems of any complexity level. You can then use the simple, three-step process provided to set up a new automated task. It takes just a couple of minutes to set up your first scheduled task, and you can explore everything that you've set up using the included Site Explorer. Finally, you can drag and drop files and folders from Windows Explorer, much like when copying and moving files around on your computer. Get started today by visiting https://www.ftpgetter.com/.

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Automate and Schedule Microsoft Access Reports with MARS Automation

Modern businesses are more reliant than ever before on digital data for driving decisions and improving performance. In fact, data has become so valuable in the corporate world that it's one of the most important assets that any company can have. However, getting the maximum possible value out of the data available to your organization is quite another matter, since it depends heavily on knowing what to look for and having the right tools at your disposal. This has now become especially challenging given the enormous and constantly increasing size of modern data sets - we have now, after all, entered the age of so-called big data. Making sense out of the typical business database is now harder than ever, or at least that is the case if you are still relying on manual methods. Working with data stored in a Microsoft Access database is no exception.

Automates Business Intelligence for Microsoft Access Users

As one of the industry-leading database management systems, Access is great at what it does, but it sometimes needs a little help when you want to use it to its maximum potential. That's where MARS comes in. This invaluable little addon makes automated business intelligence reports a reality by giving you the features you need to select, format and schedule tasks and automate the creation and sending of relevant reports. Its ease of use is simply unrivalled, and it is also highly interoperable. It helps you make sense of data sets no matter how large and complicated they are, while also eliminating the risk of human error. Setting up a scheduled task couldn't be easier either - you simply need to choose how often you want the report to run or define another trigger before selecting an output format and a way to send it.

Designed to be as flexible as possible so that administrators can easily adapt it to their specific processes and operational goals, MARS supports many different output formats and communications protocols. For example, it can save files in plain text, rich text formats, Excel, Word, HTML, PDF and a whole lot more. When it comes to telling the program where to send reports to, you also have a lot of options to choose from, including email, SharePoint team sites, local storage devices, cloud storage services or even directly to a printer or fax machine. Furthermore, you can configure tasks not just based on time, but also by specific events. In addition to setting specific time intervals, you can create schedules based on a certain activity, such as the creation of a new database entry or the modification of an existing one. It's a highly sophisticated and tailor-made system that can provide important insights in real-time so that you can drive faster and better-informed decision-making.

The latest version of MARS is 7.0, which provides several tweaks and bug fixes, including complete computability with the full version of Microsoft Access 2016. There are also several performance improvements to make your experience smoother than ever. Get started today and download the latest release by visiting https://go.christiansteven.com/ms-access-reports-query-macro-automation-scheduler-mars.

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Work Seamlessly with QuarkXPress Files in Adobe InDesign

If you routinely work with QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign, then Q2ID is one of the most important plugins you will ever buy. The addon is designed for all recent versions of InDesign and, unlike most utilities that convert between different file formats, it preserves all the important original content intact. There's no need to worry about losing on-page elements and formatting, which makes it a highly dependable solution for those who work with both platforms or are migrating from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign. In such cases, users will be able to save a great deal of time, since there won't be any need to recreate the documents from scratch. The plugin gives you a great head start as well, without you needing to install a separate program to take care of all the file conversions. Ultimately, these benefits translate into time and money saved for publishers or designers migrating from QuarkXPress.

Conversions without Compromise

When you have two completely different file formats, there are often pros and cons between the two. For example, one format might support a certain style of formatting while the other doesn't, and vice versa. Furthermore, some formats are far more limited than others as is the case, for example, with RTF and Microsoft Office formats. As such, converting between two very different formats in this many can be complicated, since it inevitably leads to losing important features and data when converting to a format that does not support so many features. Fortunately, that's not the case when using Q2ID to convert your QuarkXPress documents to Adobe InDesign. Both files formats support many of the same features, but they are rendered in very different ways. Fortunately, Q2ID understands this, but converts everything properly nonetheless without compromising on the quality of the output files.

Q2ID is available for both the Windows and macOS versions of Adobe InDesign, and it converts almost all elements of the original QuarkXPress document. These include page positioning information, pantone colors, color models, layers, images, text boxes and attributes, blends, anchored boxes, fonts, runarounds, tables, styles and much more. In most cases, you won't even be able to tell that the original file has been converted. Furthermore, Q2ID supports InDesign CC 2018 through InDesign CS 5 and any document created in QuarkXPress 2018 from the fourth edition. Conversions are quick and simple too, just a click away without you having to leave the program. Once the plugin has been installed, a new Markzware menu will appear in Adobe InDesign in which you can important your QuarkXPress files as though they were natively supported in the application.

Q2ID is now available as a subscription model to give you complete control over your investment while also providing free updates, support for the latest QuarkXPress document versions and the most current version of Adobe InDesign. Annual subscriptions are available too. If you're still not sure that Q2ID provides the ultimate QuarkXPress to InDesign migration tool for your needs, then you can check out the reviews on the website or elsewhere. Get started today by pointing your browser to https://markzware.com/products/q2id/.

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ElcomSoft Phone Breaker Extracts Message Attachments from iCloud

Recently, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer received an update to support the new data categories. In addition to iCloud Messages extraction, it gives you the ability to remotely access non-text content such as attached media, documents and other data stored in Apple iCloud. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker becomes the first forensic tool on the market to extract those types of evidence from the cloud.

"It is hard to overestimate the importance of real-time evidence", says Elcomsoft CEO Vladimir Katalov. "iMessage conversations in particular are extremely tough to obtain. Point-to-point encryption protects messages and attached content against main-in-the-middle attacks, while their cloud copies are securely protected with industry-standard encryption. We are now offering a solution allowing to extract and decrypt the entire content of the chats including media files, documents and other types of data sent or received with iMessages".


Apple makes active use of cloud sync, and is continuously expanding the amount of information synchronized with iCloud. Synchronized information is removed from iCloud backups. iOS 11.4 brought message sync, automatically synchronizing messages across devices. Conversation histories are an important part of real-time evidence. Attached media files can provide valuable insight about the user's location at the time of sending the message. In addition, non-text content may include videos, voice recordings and other media files, shared locations and full-size previews of linked Web sites sent and received by the user. These previews may remain available even after the original linked Web site is no longer accessible.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker can extract chats from the user's iCloud account just moments after new messages arrive. The latest update gains the ability to access non-text content such as attached pictures and media, documents, shared locations and other types of data. To access that content, experts may use a combination of Apple ID and password as well as the one-time code to pass two-factor authentication. In addition, a device passcode or account password from one of the already enrolled devices is required to decrypt messages and attachments.

Extracting Non-Text Content of iCloud Messages

While previous versions of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker were able to access messages synced with iCloud, this release brings support for non-text content included with iMessage attachments. Non-text content such as media files and locations can provide essential evidence during investigations. Many iMessage attachments are pictures captured with the iPhone, so analyzing EXIF data may return a number of location points. One can preview and save media files using the latest version of Elcomsoft Phone Viewer that has been updated to support iMessage attachments.

Since messages and attachments are point-to-point encrypted with a key derived from the user's passcode, access is impossible without a passcode. Apple does not have access to messages stored in iCloud. As a result, neither iMessages nor attachments are delivered as part of LE or GDPR requests. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is the only forensic tool on the market to access iCloud Messages and attachments we well as other major evidence stored in iCloud. In order to access Messages and attachments, one needs the correct device passcode or system password to one of the devices already enrolled in the sync, which is in addition to iCloud/Apple ID login and password.

About Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is an all-in-one mobile acquisition tool to extract information from a wide range of sources. Supporting offline and cloud backups created by Apple, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices, the tool can extract and decrypt user data including cached passwords and synced authentication credentials to a wide range of resources from local backups. Cloud extraction with or without a password makes it possible to pull communication histories, searches and browsing habits, and retrieve photos that have been deleted by the user a long time ago. The tool offers the most advanced support for Apple iCloud, decrypting many types of data that Apple itself will not return when serving Law Enforcement and GDPR pullout requests. This includes users' passwords stored in iCloud Keychain, iCloud Messages and attachments.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 as well as Windows 2008, 2012 and 2016 Server. The Mac version supports Mac OS X 10.7 and newer. Elcomsoft Phone Breakeroperates without Apple iTunes or BlackBerry Link being installed. In order to access iCloud Keychain, Windows users must have iCloud for Windows installed, while Mac users must run macOS 10.11 or newer.

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Make Your Apps Safer with an Embedded SSL Library

Developers are under more pressure than ever before to implement security as a core design element in all their projects. The concept of being secure by design is now expected by many business customers, rather than simply something that gets tacked on later after the rest of the project has been complete. As such, the ability to encrypt data in any app that involves the transmission of potentially sensitive data is an essential feature to have. wolfSSL provides that much-needed functionality in the form of a very lightweight library that's only a twentieth of the size of the industry-standard OpenSSL. When it comes to mobile apps in particular, that's a substantial benefit, since it can significantly reduce the size of the app and its installer without compromising on security.

wolfSSL works with real-time operating systems, embedded devices and almost any resource-contained environment to offer a maximum level of security while taking up minimal space and other resources. This is highly beneficial in such applications, not least because embedded devices generally only have a small amount of storage space that cannot be upgraded. Furthermore, the TLS library offers uncompromising security per the standards of the latest TSL protocol.

Designed with Versatility in Mind

Many software libraries are particularly restrictive and will only work with specific platforms and programming languages. Open-source solutions often don't have these restrictions, but they often come with a degree of feature bloat as well or have other problems. When it comes to digital security, you cannot afford to compromise. wolfSSL has been developed with the global marketplace in mind so that many hardware and software developers can find a valuable use for it. It's a very portable library as well, making it easier to compile and adapt to your needs. Out of the box, wolfSSL supports the world's most popular programming language - C. The library also provides native support for Perl, C#, Java, Python and PHP. Even in the unlikely event that your preferred platform isn't officially supported, it can still be made to work with a variety of other host programming languages thanks to additional support from the community.

What Is Performance Like?

Portability by way of small library size isn't the only way in which wolfSSL outdoes the competition. It also offers exceptional performance, because security shouldn't always have to mean compromising on everything else. It uses minimal memory and storage space, which is important given that the average size for embedded systems is just a few megabytes. Despite this, wolfSSL still includes a full-featured TLS 1.2 client and server that meets all the necessary industry standards of the TLS protocol.

Developers can also choose from a variety of builds, the most popular being LeanPSK, which is a recently implemented solution that brings the library size down to only 20 kilobytes. However, for this solution to work, pre-shared keys (PSKs) are necessary. Developers working with other platforms, which are not officially supported, can subscribe for additional support to get the assistance they need to integrate the library with other programing languages. You can compare the various options over at https://www.wolfssl.com/products/wolfssl/ .

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Keep Every File Safe with Active@ Disk Image

By now, almost everyone knows that it's simply a matter of common sense to keep important documents backed up. After all, computers can fail without any warning, and attacks by hackers and malicious software can also render your precious data impossible to recover. However, in spite of the risks, many people aren't in the habit of regularly backing up their data, and they often take it for granted. When you consider the fact that a typical family computer contains thousands of treasured photos, important documents for work or school and increasingly large movie and music collections, it's easier to see just how much you stand to lose if your computer fails. For business users, this is even more important, since a severe case of data loss can lead to your company closing its doors for good or even attracting legal action for failing to meet industry compliance regulations.

For short circuits to malware, computers and storage devices can go wrong without warning, which is why you need a proactive system that allows you to backup and restore your data quickly and easily. What many people do is copy over important documents to a flash drive or upload them to a cloud storage facility. However, backing up files and folders individually and manually in this manner has one serious flaw - it's subject to human error. In other words, it's easy to forget about something important and, before you know it, you realize that critical business document or treasured photo album is gone for good. That's why you're better off creating a complete, byte-by-byte image of the entire storage device. [email protected] Disk Image does precisely that, by copying every byte of data on the disk into a single file that you can move around or even upload to the cloud.

Restore or Clone Your Computer

When people think about backing up data, they often don't think about the equally important restoration process. For those who use their computers for business, the amount of time and effort it takes to recover data can be just as important as what's backed up and what isn't. One of the great things about creating a complete image of a storage device is that it can simply be extracted onto any other formatted storage device, provided it offers the necessary capacity. Not only does this make restoring your PC easier - it's also great if you're upgrading to a new computer or adding a new one to your network. Since the disk image contains a copy of your entire operating system, along with all your applications and documents, there's no need to reinstall this things from scratch. Especially if you have a lot of programs on your device, this can save you many hours.

What's new in Version 9.1.2?

The latest version adds support for raw images in Virtual Disk and support for the ReFS file system in Explorer. The user interface has been tweaked as well, and there have been a few minor bug fixes. The Professional version now includes the latest editions of [email protected] Boot Disk and [email protected] Boot Disk Creator. Get started today at http://www.disk-image.com.

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Automate FTP Downloads and Uploads with FTPGetter Professional

For those who work with web development, accessing and using files stored on remote FTP or SFT servers is often a daily part of the routine. Whether you're manually installing a theme or plugin for WordPress or synchronizing files between a local and remote server, using a basic FTP client provides an instantly familiar environment. Unfortunately, these clients are also severely limited when it comes to speed, responsiveness and features sets. They typically offer no way to synchronize files and, oftentimes, you can only upload or download one file at once. Most don't even provide a decent file-searching function, which makes them practically impossible to use for all but the simplest of occasional tasks. The web-based FTP clients, such as those provided by many hosting companies, tend to be even more limited. Fortunately, there's a better way - FTPGetter Professional does away with these limitations and instead lets you automate FTP and SFTP transfers.

Automated Synchronization Made Easy

FTPGetter Professional can automatically monitor changes between local and remote servers and update files and folders as necessary to ensure that both are always kept current. This process also negates the risk of human error by automatically tracking file versions and making sure that current data never gets overwritten. You can define scheduled tasks using a simple wizard-driven interface. For example, you can have the program check for new file creations or updates once per day, updating them as necessary to ensure that both copies are current. All you need to do is pick a suitable time and date and select the file types you want FTPGetter Professional to pay attention to. Thanks to support for file masks, you can easily specify which file types to check by adding the file extensions for those types. If you prefer, you can also use the built-in terminal emulator, which lets you connect to remote servers and execute commands using a command-line environment. The software supports batch processing as well, so you can work with FTP or SFTP directory structures of any level of complexity.

How to Use FTPGetter Professional

Right from the outset, FTPGetter Professional is designed to save you time, and that means keeping the learning curve down to a minimum. To that end, it provides an instantly familiar user interface that, at a first glance, looks like many standard FTP clients. Under the hood, however, it's a very different matter, since this software provides the advanced (yet easy to use) functionality that you need to streamline your workflows. You can add and manage as many FTP or SFTP server profiles as you wish and create and edit them without any restrictions. You can create automated tasks using the simple, self-explanatory automation task wizard, in which scheduling a task is a three-step process that usually takes only a couple of minutes to complete. There's also a Site Explorer to help you navigate multiple servers, and intuitive context menus are available by right-clicking the mouse. Finally, you can even drag and drop files and folders directly from Windows Explorer just like you would when moving or copying files on your computer. Get started today at http://www.ftpgetter.com.

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Recover Lost Data and Deleted Partitions from NTFS Drives

When you empty the Recycle Bin, Windows always gives you a warning stating that the files within will be gone for good if you go ahead. Similarly, if you format a drive or delete a hard drive partition, you will also receive a warning that any data stored on that drive or partition will also be permanently deleted. In other situations, people lose important files due to a hardware failure or an attack by malicious software. For example, solid-state drives have a limited number of read and write cycles, and while they are getting better all the time, they can still fail without any warning. Once again, you end up in a situation in which some or all of the original files stored on the device or software-defined partition are supposedly gone for good.

Introducing Data Recovery

When people think about data recovery, they normally think about restoring data from a backup, such as a secondary hard drive or online storage system. This is always preferable, and that's why every computer user should keep a copy of their important files on a separate storage device or, better yet, using a cloud-storage facility. However, what happens if you don't have an up-to-date backup of your files available? You might assume that they are gone for good. Fortunately, and despite the warnings, this is not necessarily the case. In fact, data is always recoverable provided that it hasn't been overwritten by another operation. Even then, a portion of the file will usually still be recoverable, which is undoubtedly better than nothing.

When you format a drive, delete a partition or empty the Recycle Bin, the only thing that changes is the master file table. In NTFS-formatted drives, this is a huge database that contains information about every directory and file on the partition or hard drive. When one file is deleted from the Recycle Bin, for example, its associated entry will be removed from that database. The space previously occupied by the file will then be marked as available to the operating system. Only once something else overwrites the original data completely will it be gone for good. Until that happens, however, there is a window of opportunity during which you should be able to recover the file intact. Sometimes, people have been able to recover data this way even months after deletion.

Due to the fact that any other operation can overwrite the original data at any time, it's important to attempt recovery as quickly as possible, without making any further modifications to the contents of the hard drive. NTFS Recovery Toolkit was designed to exploit this opportunity by scanning your drive for recoverable data. Using pre-defined file signatures, you can also search for files of specific types, which is useful given that the original filename and directory structure will no longer be there. The latest version adds even more file signatures to support formats like ONE, PUB, IBD, FRM, MYI, VDI and BCB. Its new Easy Recovery Mode also makes the process easier than ever before. The latest edition also sports updated versions of File Recovery and Partition Recovery.

Recover your data today at http://www.ntfs.com/recovery-toolkit.htm

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