ElcomSoft Phone Breaker 9.0 Extracts Apple Health Data from iCloud

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.0 is a major update, adding the ability to extract Apple Health data synced by iOS devices in the user's iCloud account.

Health data can serve as essential evidence during investigations. At very least, the data includes step count, running and walking distances with exact timestamps the user was walking or running. Significantly more evidence is available if the user wears a HealthKit compliant device such as the Apple Watch or a third-party fitness tracker. A multitude of third-party apps may contribute to Health data significantly. Finally, any Health Records including information received in the form of CDA documents are extracted.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is the first forensic tool on the market to access and decrypt Health data from the cloud. The user's iCloud/Apple ID authentication credentials are required to access iCloud data, as well as the secondary authentication factor for passing the Two-Factor Authentication prompt. More data is extracted if the user's lock screen passcode is known.

While Apple Health information is not available in iCloud backups, the extraction mechanism used by Elcomsoft Phone Breaker does not rely on cloud backups. Health information is frequently synced with iCloud with little or no delay. This synchronization mechanism is separate from and works in addition to iCloud system backups. If the device has an Internet connection, including mobile Internet, synchronized data are updated in the cloud with little delay. This enables Elcomsoft Phone Breaker users to access Health data in near real-time manner.

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is also updated with the ability to parse and analyze Health data extracted by Elcomsoft Phone Breaker.

The update is free of charge to all customers who purchased or renewed their Elcomsoft Phone Breaker (Forensic edition) or Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle license within one year. Discounted renewal is available to customers whose maintenance plan has already expired.

About Elcomsoft Phone Breaker

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is an all-in-one mobile acquisition tool to extract information from a wide range of sources. Supporting offline and cloud backups created by Apple, BlackBerry and Windows mobile devices, the tool can extract and decrypt user data including cached passwords and synced authentication credentials to a wide range of resources from local backups. Cloud extraction with or without a password makes it possible to pull communication histories, searches and browsing habits, and retrieve photos that have been deleted by the user a long time ago. The tool offers the most advanced support for Apple iCloud, decrypting many types of data that Apple itself will not return when serving Law Enforcement and GDPR pullout requests. This includes users' passwords stored in iCloud Keychain, iCloud Messages and attachments.

Elcomsoft Phone Breaker supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10 as well as Windows 2008, 2012 and 2016 Server. The Mac version supports Mac OS X 10.7 and newer. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker operates without Apple iTunes or BlackBerry Link being installed. In order to access iCloud Keychain, Windows users must have iCloud for Windows installed, while Mac users must run macOS 10.11 or newer.

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Creative Photography Made Easier with a Digital Asset Manager

Ever since the arrival of digital cameras and smartphone cameras, point-and-click photography has been skyrocketing, both among amateurs and pro photographers who want to capture that perfect, spontaneous moment. It is perhaps no surprise then that most of us have collected thousands, or even tens of thousands of photos on our hard drives. The sheer volume of image files on the typical computer makes it hard to keep track of everything. It's a bit like trying to find that specific file in a row full of filing cabinets when things aren't properly sorted. If that's a familiar-sounding problem, then it's probably time to start working with a digital asset manager like ACDSee. An ideal solution for the practical amateur and the seasoned photographer alike, this will quickly become an invaluable tool for streamlining your creative photography workflows.

What Is a Digital Asset Manager?

Though it primarily caters to photographers at every stage of their careers, ACDSee is a great choice for anyone with a large collection of photos. It supports many different formats, including various non-image formats. Most importantly, however, it supports RAW photos, which are uncompressed image files taken by professional-grade digital cameras. These RAW photos present the highest quality, since they precisely represent the image that the camera took without any compression. The latest edition adds support for various additional camera models, as well as various feature improvements and other tweaks and bug fixes. With this tool, you can easily manage your digital assets, no matter how many photos you have. It will help you add metadata to them, thereby making search queries far easier and quicker, instead of having to manually look through countless folders full of files.

Taking Human Error out of the Mix

If you only have a couple hundred photos, and your collection is not likely to grow substantially any time soon, then manually managing your files is probably fine. The problem is that even professional photographers often end up with thousands of files they don't really want. To cull their collections, they might manually go through each folder and delete files they don't want, but this greatly increases the risk of human error, and it is hardly the most practical or efficient option either. ACDSee helps you keep organized with a familiar file and folder infrastructure combined with powerful features that are easy to use, regardless of your experience or skill level. For example, you can assign hierarchical keywords, tags, and color codes to your photos. Furthermore, the software can automatically catalogue large collections of files, which makes it easier when migrating your content over to a new system.

If you're looking for a convenient way to optimize, improve, organize, and share your photos, ACDSee provides an all-in-one solution that's regularly updated and widely supported. Furthermore, it's extremely easy to learn. The latest edition adds RAW support for a further six cameras, including ones from Canon, Fujifilm, Leica, Olympus, and Sony, but you can view the full list of supported cameras on the site at https://www.acdsee.com/en/products/photo-studio-standard.

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Convert EDB to PST

Every IT admin faces the dilemma of backing up exchange mailboxes regularly whether it be for access to mails during exchange downtime or for moving to a new server. This is where the importance of a tested recovery tool like EdbMails EDB to PST Converter is most felt.

Who Needs an EDB to PST Converter?

Exchange database files (.edb) files are utilized to hold data for WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Exchange Server mailboxes. The issue with these files is that they can be somewhat dubious to work with as there is no way to directly the data within them other than mounting them on the exchange platform. This represents an issue for exchange admins tasked with performing backup tasks as mentioned earlier.

The best way out of this conundrum is to convert the EDB files to Outlook PST ones that are more manageable and easily transferable from one system to another . PST files can also be easily imported into Outlook.

By changing over an .edb file to .pst, you can be confident of having all the mailbox backed up for any unfortunate scenario. While this sounds easy without the help of a efficient recovery mechanism there is no way to get perfect results. This is where EdbMails EDB to PST Converter comes in. Utilizing this tool, you can export all mailboxes to individual .pst files, while maintaining the folder structure.

You can likewise recover inadvertently erased mailboxes and export offline .edb files to Live Exchange or Office 365. EdbMails tool is also capable of transforming .edb files into .eml, .msg, .rtf. .pdf and .html.

It also supports most versions of MS Exchange Server (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003).
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Detect and Mitigate Hidden Threats with GlassWire Free Firewall

Information security has become one of the biggest concerns of the modern world. With digital data now being one of the most valuable commodities of all, cybercriminals are turning to new methods, and everyone's a potential target. Taking its name from the fire-proof walls used in construction, a computer firewall serves to block potentially malicious traffic, whitelist and blacklist suspicious websites and other online services and more. It's one of the most crucial components of any network security infrastructure, either in the home or the workplace. GlassWire Free Firewall greatly expands on the limited capabilities of the default firewalls that come with most modern operating systems to provide users with advanced and customizable features to protect their online privacy and security.

Monitor Threats in Real Time

GlassWire Free Firewall provides a user-friendly, visualized representation of all incoming and outgoing traffic on your network. The monitoring graph is conveniently color-coded to show you which applications are consuming bandwidth. Not only does this allow you to instantly spot any potentially suspicious activity like botnets and crypto-jacking software or ongoing data breaches; it also helps you identify apps that are using too much bandwidth. By identifying and disabling bandwidth hogs, you can greatly improve the performance of your internet connection. Even if you're not in the habit of regularly checking the user interface, GlassWire will inform you automatically whenever it detects any new changes or unusual activities in any of your apps. It can also monitor other devices connected to your network and send alerts whenever an unknown device attempts to tap into your wireless network.

Undeniable Benefits of Data Usage Monitoring

Internet speeds might be getting faster all the time, and it's now possible to connect from almost anywhere. However, most mobile internet services still come with strict data limits, and going over them can incur high charges. GlassWire Free Firewall helps you keep track of your data usage and sends you automatic alerts before you risk going over the limit. You can also look back in time to see what your PC was doing while you were away, which is ideal if you think someone might have been using it without your permission. Furthermore, GlassWire Free Firewall sends alerts whenever a new app or device access the network, and it can proactively block any unknown systems if you prefer. More advanced users will also have access to detailed network usage statistics broken down by host, traffic type and more.

What's New in Version 2.1.152?

The latest version of GlassWire Free Firewall, launched in February 2019, provides various new features. One of the most notable is the new Incognito mode, which allows you to exclude certain apps from being logged by the program. In addition, various bug fixes and performance tweaks have been included in this update to improve your experience even further. If you're ready to take back control over your online privacy and security, head to https://www.glasswire.com now. The personal firewall and network monitor is completely free to try, but users can also choose from three different paid options based on their requirements.

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Transform Your Mac by Adding Full Support for NTFS

As the file system of every version of Windows from Windows 2000 onwards, NTFS is by far the most common file system in the world. In fact, most new hard drives and other storage devices come preformatted using the NTFS file system. Simply put, it's the industry standard in consumer computing, yet macOS provides very little in the way of native support for it. Those using Macintosh computers will find themselves heavily restricted when trying to connect an NTFS-formatted drive such as an external hard disk or USB pen drive. By default, for example, you cannot write any data to NTFS drives if they're connected to a device running macOS, although you should be able to still read the data. There are workarounds, but without any additional software, writing information to the drive requires you to format it using another file system. Naturally, that means deleting all the original data on the drive, which is hardly a desirable outcome.

Enjoy Native-Like Support for the NTFS File System

Although highly acclaimed for their ease of use, excellent feature sets and unrivalled security, Apple devices have long been criticized for their near total lack of interoperability with other platforms. However, thanks to Tuxera NTFS for Mac, that no longer needs to be the case. This solution doesn't only allow you to access files stored on an NTFS-formatted drive - it lets you use the drive just as you would use it if it were running on the proprietary Apple File System. It provides a rich range of features to enable excellent ease of use and complete control and protection over your data. Furthermore, the setup process couldn't be easier, and it allows you to work with drives divided into multiple logical partitions, even if all those partitions are NTFS-formatted. The latest version works with every version of the Macintosh operating system from OS X 10.4 to the current version of macOS. For true, native-like performance, Tuxera NTFS also gives you access to NTFS-specific features, such as data encryption, extended file attributes and virtualization.

Minimal Learning Curve for Both Casual and Advanced Users

Tuxera NTFS is a truly plug-and-play solution that doesn't require learning anything new or going through extensive documentations. It's designed to overcome the complexities of working with NTFS drives in macOS and negate the necessity for complicated, time-consuming or unreliable workarounds. Whether you're a casual user simply trying to access files on a pen drive that your friend lent you, or you're an enthusiast of both Windows and macOS, Tuxera NTFS has you covered. It functions intuitively, and there are no extra things to learn. As soon as you've installed the program, you can start copying, editing and deleting data without any issues. Moreover, you can effortlessly manage partitions with the included disk utility app. In the end, working with NTFS drives will be just as easy and reliable as it is when using a computer running Windows. If you don't have a Windows machine, yet you routinely handle data on NTFS drives, then Tuxera NTFS will quickly become an invaluable tool in your collection.

Get started at https://www.tuxera.com/products/tuxera-ntfs-for-mac/ .

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Professional Drawing Simplified with nanoCAD Plus

A lot of mainstream computer aided design software comes with no shortage of unnecessary bloat and excessively complicated features and functions. Learning curves tend to be enormous, and the industry-leading CAD suites are also prohibitively expensive for many smaller businesses, as well as self-employed individuals. Nonetheless, there remain many important uses for CAD software, and it's undeniably one of the most important tools of all for designers, architects, engineers and various other professionals. Fortunately, however, quality CAD software doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars thanks to the arrival of viable alternatives like nanoCAD Plus. This offers an ideal solution, particularly for small businesses and solo operators, since it requires a smaller learning curve and costs much less than industry-leading solutions like AutoCAD. At the same time, it's still fully compatible with the industry standard DWG format.

Get More Done with an Overhauled Interface, Improved Performance and More

nanoCAD Plus 10 has been updated with a modern ribbon-based interface like that found in many new programs designed to work seamlessly with Windows 10 and other modern operating systems. When you're spending many hours to complete a complicated technical drawing project, the last thing you need is to be held back by a cumbersome and outdated interface. That's why the new and improved look, feel and operation of nanoCAD Plus 10 was developed based on extensive ergonomics research and tried and tested standards in the technical drawing sector. Many other improvements and new features have also been added, including full native support for the latest version of the DWG standard. Users can also check their drawings for compliance issues and automatically repair violations it finds. Advanced users can also use a command that lets them audit their drawings to custom standards. Other features include new interactive tools in the drawing area, the ability to import third-party formats, incremental auto-saving and various new drawing objects and commands.

Why nanoCAD Plus?

When it comes to professional technical drawing projects, many users simply go straight for the most widely recognized industry standard. However, the steep learning curves and high costs of such software make it prohibitive for many users. At the same time, many people feel like they don't have a choice simply because they need a solution that supports the latest industry standard format which, as it has been for quite some years, is DWG. Working with multiple formats isn't just inconvenient and time-consuming - it also leaves you exposed to the risk of losing something important. That's hardly a desirable outcome when it comes to projects in which accuracy, compliance and quality are key measures of success. nanoCAD Plus is continually updated to provide complete native support for all currently used versions of the DWG format. This also makes things much easier if you're migrating from an existing CAD solution and want to save money without having to learn everything again from scratch.

If you prefer, you can get started with the basic version of nanoCAD, which is available completely free. For higher versions like nanoCAD Plus, you can also opt for a monthly subscription fee to avoid high upfront costs. Find out more at https://nanocad.com/page/NanoCADPlus.

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Resize PDF Documents Online with an Online PDF Reducer

Although internet speeds might be getting higher all the time, this leads many web designers and developers to neglect those with slower connections. Furthermore, as bandwidth consumption continues to grow, it sometimes feels like internet connections are conversely getting slower. A hallmark of a poorly designed website or other online service is when it takes ages to load up. Often, unnecessary bloat slows everything down, as is the case when sending files through email, instant messenger or any other internet-connected platform. While many file formats have been replaced or improved in recent years to reduce their size and make it easier to send or store them online, the industry-standard PDF (Portable Document Format) often leaves something to be desired. As a rather old format, PDF files are often not particularly well optimized, although there's no reason why they shouldn't be. If you work regularly with PDF files, then having a way to reduce their size can be enormously beneficial.

Who Should Use an Online PDF Reducer?

PDF Reducer Cloud is a free PDF compressor for anyone who regularly stores or sends PDF documents over the internet. As the standard file format for things like instruction manuals, whitepapers, eBooks and a wide variety of other documents, many businesses users rely heavily on PDF. Sometimes, they provide PDF files for download on their websites, while others regularly send them between teams, employees, partners and customers. In spite of the drawback of often excessively large file sizes, PDF remains the only viable option in most cases due to the fact it's natively supported by every modern browser and operating system. If you need smaller PDFs for file storage, sharing or faster web-viewing purposes, then PDF Reducer Cloud provides a quick and simple solution for both professionals and individuals. This cloud-hosted version is also ideal for those who don't want to install any additional software on their devices. Furthermore, because it works in a browser, it doesn't matter which operating system you're running.

Optimization without Compromise

In many situations, users are starting to favor online web apps over desktop software. Aside from the fact you don't need to download or install them, they're always up to date, and PDF Reducer Cloud is no exception. The latest version, which is also available in the form of a desktop app for those who need offline functionality, provides several improvements. It's now much faster and more reliable thanks to the dramatically improved MRC engine, and the built-in PDF compression engine has been overhauled to give you a better compression / quality ratio than ever before. There's also a new option to optimize PDF fonts, which will come in useful for compressing documents with embedded fonts. Version 3.1.0, released on February 13, 2019 also sports a raft of minor bug fixes and several improvements to the user interface. You can review the full version history on the official website.

If you have a large repository of PDF files you need to compress quickly, head over to https://pdfreducer.orpalis.com and compress PDF online today!

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Automate and Schedule Reports from Microsoft Access

Modern businesses are generating an increasingly vast amount of digital data thanks to the unprecedented rise of connected technologies. However, it's how you use data that really counts. Now that the amount of data in the organization is, on average, doubling every two years, it's harder than ever to make sense of it all. Leveraging data-driven insights doesn't just require a thorough understanding of which data is important; it also needs the right tools to extract and visualize the information. After all, raw data by itself is of limited use to human audiences. Furthermore, businesses need access to real-time insights to identify fleeting opportunities or to stop potential cyberattacks in their tracks.

Enabling Ease of Use Through Interoperability

MARS, which stands for Microsoft Access Reports Scheduler, is a business-intelligence tool that integrates with the world's leading database format to deliver important insights in real time. Automation and scheduling helps administrators act upon data as it's gathered, rather than missing out on opportunities by waiting too long. MARS is a straightforward yet enormously useful application that parses data from your Microsoft Access databases and sends scheduled reports per your requirements. Setting up a new report is a simple wizard-driven process. First, you can choose which databases and data types to record, before specifying the reporting intervals and choosing an output format. Currently supported formats include Word, Excel, RTF, TXT, PDF and TXT among others. Finally, you can choose where to send the reports - you can send them to email, SharePoint, online storage or even have them automatically printed. This way, administrators will get the information they need either hourly, daily, weekly or monthly or when specific predefined events trigger the reporting action.

Align Reporting with Your Routine and Business Priorities

As a dynamic and data-driven solution designed for modern businesses, MARS offers the versatility and agility you need to align technology with your operational goals. It can be configured to seamlessly fit in with your schedule and digital environment. One thing that every business needs is a scalable technology infrastructure. MARS provides full support for large databases to deliver accurate results quickly. It uses a dynamic set of processes, and it will distribute reports to respond to the specific needs of your business. For example, by basing reports on event triggers, MARS can send a report as soon as it detects a new database value or any other type of change, such as a modification to a file or receiving an email. This is especially useful if you want to use MARS to protect things like potential cyberattacks or other important events that need the immediate attention of an administrator.

Christian Steven, the developers of MARS, recently released version 7.0 of the program. Build 20180419 fixes two important issues, including getting rid of the trial popup when manually executing a scheduled task. There are several performance improvements and other minor bug fixes too. Finally, version 7.0 introduces an overhauled user interface for the manual execution tasks. Download the latest release of MARS today at https://go.christiansteven.com/ms-access-reports-query-macro-automation-scheduler-mars.

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Dual Boot and Multi-Boot with the BootIt Collection Boot Manager

In the early days of computers having a "dual boot" computer was a bit more complicated than it is today. Yes, you could run multiple operating systems on one machine, but you had to work a little harder to get it all set up. You'd need to manually create a partition for each operating system, install them, and then alter the settings in the system BIOS to get everything running correctly.

With BootIt Collection, however, running multiple operating systems is really easy. You don't have to be an expert. Running a dual boot system is a great way to try out a new operating system or have separate set ups for work and personal use.

The BootIt Collection was created to make that possible without all the hassle. The collection is comprised of two parts. The BootIt Bare Metal application is for running multiple operating systems on older computers using a BIOS. Then there's also the BootIt UEFI application for newer computers that utilize that system. That means you can configure dual boot and multi-boot setups on virtually any computer, new or old. The BootIt Collection is the perfect solution for those wanting to try out using a dual boot system.

TeraByte Inc., a proven software solutions developer, has recently released an updated version of the BootIt Collection. The UEFI application provides enhanced support for the Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 file systems used by the Linux kernel, as well as various bug fixes, changes, and minor enhancements. The BootIt Bare Metal portion version also provides these changes to improve compatibility and performance with systems running the older BIOS model.

What Are the Benefits of Dual-Boot or Multi-Boot?

The BootIt Collection allows you to seamlessly switch between two or more operating systems on one computer. Each OS can run on its own drive or on the same drive divided into multiple partitions. Hard drive partitions work like individual physical hard drives. They're logically divided by low-level software, and the BootIt Collection provides a partition manager to let you create and configure as many partitions as you want. You can install and run any operating system you want, provided it is compatible with your processor. This might include almost any edition of Windows or Linux distribution, as well as numerous other niche operating systems.

Running a dual boot configuration provides a way to try out new operating systems, like early adopter versions of Windows or any number of Linux distributions. With the BootIt Collection at your disposal, you can run these operating systems without fear of compatibility problems or other issues.

While the majority of computers run Windows, there are many Linux packages to choose from. The BootIt Collection makes it easy for users to try out different operating systems without a lot of hassle. Get started today at https://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-collection.htm.

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EDB Recovery Tool

EdbMails EDB to PST Converter tool to repair and recover exchange server databases through granular data extraction process : EdbMails is driven by some of the most well researched advanced algorithms to help recover any or all information possible and convert them into WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Outlook PST file.

Some causes of exchange database corruption :

Malicious software
Hardware failure
Corrupt header files
Dirty Shut down
Network and synchronization issues.
EdbMails is widely acknowledged as the best tool available to Convert EDB to PST with unparalleled reliability and also recover Inbox items, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Draft, Journals, Tasks, Calendars, Notes, and Contacts quickly.
EdbMails supports Exchange server versions 2016/2013/2010/2007/2003 and Outlook versions 2016/2013/2010/2007

Some unique characteristics of EdbMails

Even most corrupt exchange databases can be recovered.
Simple and straightforward user interface
Convert all mailboxes to individual PST files
Leaves nothing behind, provides complete exchange database to PST Conversion.
Recovers all attachments
All email properties are also recovered.
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