Introducing VyprVPN 3.0

Today we're excited to announce a new look for our VPN apps. VyprVPN's design has remained fairly unchanged for many years, and for good reason. While many have praised our easy-to-use apps, we felt it was time for a new look with some major improvements. Today we're rolling out our app for iOS and we will be unveiling other platforms soon.

We Heard You Loud and Clear

Over the years, our team has gathered extensive feedback from our users. We use app reviews, forum discussions, user interviews, surveys, usability testing and customer support issues to analyze what's working well and what needs improving.

VyprVPN's Design and Product teams began synthesizing and analyzing years of feedback to paint a picture of how our apps and service were performing overall. One of their first realizations was VyprVPN lacked a consistent experience across all devices. The teams knew from their observations and from user feedback we needed to have a simple experience which was familiar across all VyprVPN apps and webpages.

While addressing inconsistency, we also wanted to remain true to the one thing users said most - VyprVPN is easy-to-use. We needed to ensure we did not lose sight of this. By looking at the entire experience, we envisioned an even easier-to-use VyprVPN with functionality that's more accessible and VPN connections that are easier to customize. While we made plenty of changes, here are a few that standout:

  • We've made locating and selecting VPN servers much easier

  • Customize VPN connections from a dedicated menu

  • Updated many features to make them easier to understand, find and customize

  • Removed tons of app clutter which was confusing (and, admittedly, a bit annoying).

Improving Your Experience

To achieve the goals developed from VyprVPN user feedback, our Design and Product teams worked first on a unified VPN app experience. Whether you're using VyprVPN on a phone or a TV, the teams wanted to provide a consistent experience between apps. To ensure we were achieving our goals, we built a prototype app to test with users. For over a month, we gather feedback using the VyprVPN 3.0 prototype. Testing our assumptions in this way provided invaluable feedback allowing us to rapidly iterate our designs. Here are a few changes we made during the process:


Our teams worked to improve the flexibility of our technology while making the VPN apps more responsive.

Ease of Use

The VyprVPN App and Design teams worked directly with our users to make it easier switching servers, customize VPN connections and navigate with certainty.


Security issues were resolved by tackling the root causes, not by patching them to fix later.

Get more information on our VPN apps and download the latest version at

This Is Only the Beginning

Releasing 3.0 means our Product and Design teams will start listening all over again. We'll gather more feedback, analyze what's working and what isn't, and continue to make improvements. We already have ideas that didn't make this release so look for additional updates in the near future.

We'd love to hear about your experience. If you'd like to give us feedback or have any questions about VyprVPN 3.0, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

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Xeoma Video Surveillance Software: Professional Has Never Been So Easy

Professional and so easy to use at the same time, Xeoma Video Surveillance Software is a potent tool for ensuring your safety and serenity. This keeping up with the times and truly most effective video surveillance software will suit your needs just perfectly Xeoma will keep an eye on your home, office, business, town, etc., and you will be able to check on your system from anywhere in the world.

Cost- and time-effective, Xeoma Video Surveillance Software supports all popular operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. Looking for a video surveillance software that supports a wide variety of digital cameras including USB cameras, wireless cameras, integrated web cameras and IP cameras? Xeoma supports more than 10000 devices (analog, IP, ONVIF, USB, H.264+, H.265+, MJPEG, MPEG4, PTZ, WiFi, Fisheye), 430 manufacturers - Xeoma can automatically find and connect to 99% of all security cameras. With Xeoma you can connect up to 1000 cameras to one server and use an unlimited number of servers and clients.

Do you prefer to use a machine without GUI? Xeoma supports multiple console commands and works stably on OS without graphical shell. You're hesitating whether to use a software-key-activated software or the one with hardware USB keys? With Xeoma video surveillance software supporting both software and hardware keys you can easily use both these options.

A complex system has never been so user-friendly and easy to set up. Xeoma video surveillance software doesn't require installation, admin rights or any additional codecs. Autosearch of cameras begins right after the launch of the program. Your personal professional video surveillance is ready to work in 1 second: Download - Start - Enjoy. Pleasant graphical interface will lead you through the process naturally, as if you were the one developing the program.

Xeoma's stable work and quality are guaranteed by more than 15-years experience and worldwide popularity of the video surveillance software. Xeoma is the perfect solution for you.

What's inside this video surveillance software? Innovative functions and latest IT-trending features such as Face Recognition, Emotions Detector, Object Recognizer, ANPR, FaceID, QR Code Recognition, Smart-card Reader, Automatic PTZ Tracking, Multi-layer Interactive eMap, Heatmap, Integration with External Devices/Smart Home Systems, Video Surveillance as a Service. All of these are supported with classic features: intelligent Motion Detection, SMS/email notifications, Detectors of Sound, Abandoned Items, Crowd and Sabotage, Visitors Counter, Cloud Service, user access rights, embedding to websites, failover, support of IP microphones, Repeater service and so many more. You can run the software on multiple computers, connect them all together and view the feeds on the server computer. Xeoma doesn't require Internet connection to operate - no matter the environment, you will always have your footage available.

Ensuring our users' safety together with making the work with the software simple and enjoyable is our priority. Becoming our partner, you will also be able to enjoy our beneficial affiliate program:

- Permanent discounts;

- Opportunity to create your own Cloud service and decide on the terms of offering it to your subscribers at any price;

- Free rebranding will help your subscribers remember and recognize your brand! Use our rebranding tool absolutely for free and provide Xeoma video surveillance software under your name.

Xeoma video surveillance software is represented in three editions. The free version with the ability to view up to 1000 cameras all at once. The trial version is basically a time-limited edition of the full Pro-version and is perfect for those who prefer to try before they buy. The full, commercial version supports any number of modules and is available in 3 modes: Lite, Standard and Pro.

Don't hesitate to improve your security system - download Xeoma Video Surveillance Software!
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Everything You Need to Know About ZoogVPN Servers

As a quickly-developing VPN service rapidly growing in subscribers, we've decided to put together this detailed article to provide our new and existing users with all of the necessary and important information about our servers. In this week's Zlog post, we will take a look at ZoogVPN servers and share with you some tips and tricks on how you can maximize server performance and take your VPN service to the next level.

A Detailed Rundown of ZoogVPN Servers

ZoogVPN offers a fast-growing global VPN with hand-picked servers optimized for all types of internet activities. We currently have 41 servers in our network, covering every corner of the globe, from the US and Europe to South Africa, Asia and Australia. There are several important characteristics of ZoogVPN servers:

Extremely Fast

ZoogVPN servers are among the fastest VPN servers available on the market. Our 1Gbps VPN servers ensure maximum speed, no matter your location. With unlimited bandwidth and a 99.9% uptime guarantee, ZoogVPN servers fast and very reliable.

Optimized for Maximum Performance

In order to provide our customers with the best possible service for their online activities, we've optimized each server for maximum speed, privacy and security. We understand that different people use VPN services for different reasons. That's why we have created separate and dedicated ZoogVPN servers for obfuscation (shadowing), torrenting and streaming.

User-Friendly and Easy to Use

Besides a focus on performance and speed, our servers are also very convenient and easy to use. ZoogVPN users can easily and quickly switch between servers for as much as they want and switch between server protocols. Our service is also very user-friendly, as we implement a zero log policy and run our own regular DNS checks to ensure you are private and secure at all times.

How Does a VPN Server Work?

ZoogVPN servers, and all VPN servers for that matter, function in the following way. The process starts when you launch the VPN client, in this case, one of the ZoogVPN dedicated apps. You can then select a server and connect to it. Once connected, the remote server location replaces your real IP address, meaning your ISP, or anyone else can't monitor your activities. The VPN server also serves to encrypt and decrypt every bit of information that comes and goes from your devices.

One of the most important aspects of quality server performance is the VPN's server load. This refers to the number of users that are connected to the same VPN server at the same time. For example, a server that is 80%-90% loaded will not perform as efficiently as a server that is only 20% filled. At ZoogVPN we've made sure that all of our servers never come near capacity. The vast majority of ZoogVPN servers are hovering between 10% and 30% server load at all times.

Tips on How to Maximize Performance of ZoogVPN Servers

ZoogVPN servers are optimized for maximum performance and blazing fast speeds. With that said, there are always additional measures you can take to enjoy even better server performance. Here are some tips on how to maximize server performance when using ZoogVPN:

  • Change your IP Address - As we've mentioned above, ZoogVPN allows you to quickly change up VPN servers without too much hassle. By changing your address and connecting to the server closest to you, you are guaranteed to improve your VPN speed in a matter of seconds.

  • Adjust Encryption - Speed is directly affected by the type of protocol you use when connected to a VPN server. Different VPN protocols use different encryption levels and the better the encryption, the slower the connection speed. At ZoogVPN we offer you a number of protocols, including OpenVPN UDP 1194/TCP 443, L2TP/IPsec, PPTP and IKEv2. So, depending on the type of your activities and the level of encryption you need, you can easily adjust your protocol choices and maximize server performance.

  • Adjust your Firewall - While this is not directly connected to the VPN app, firewalls can limit your connection speeds and often cause disconnection issues. By adjusting the settings, you will be able to check to see if any limitations are applied and customize them.

Choose one of Our Great VPN Servers

At ZoogVPN we offer a high-end, quality and very reliable VPN service for just a couple of dollars per month. ZoogVPN is a complete solution for securing your online privacy and anonymity. Sign up with ZoogVPN today and enjoy safe and unrestricted internet access: If you're feeling undecided about ZoogVPN services, we also offer you a chance to use our free subscription plan and enjoy our service for free for as long as you wish, with limited service options.

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Provide Internet to Your Guests with WiFi Hotspot Software

If you're running any kind of public venue, whether it's a cafe, restaurant or hotel, customers now expect to have fast and reliable internet access. In fact, it's safe to say that wireless internet is now considered almost as important as having running water and electricity. You cannot afford to leave your customers unable to access the internet, particularly now that many people are accustomed to working on the move or from pubic venues. At the same time, simply providing an open wireless connection is a bad idea from the perspective of performance, reliability and security. What you need instead is a closed network that only serves your customers to prevent it from abuse by hackers and other bad actors. Fortunately, setting up a professional, extensively customized and reliable network no longer needs to be an issue if you're using the right hotspot software. Antamedia Hotspot Software provides that centrally managed solution you need to offer a great service to your customers while making life easier for your employees.

Add an Additional Stream of Revenue to Your Business

When you have paying guests in your establishment, particularly if it's a hotel or other accommodation venue, then people will generally expect to have free internet. By default, Antamedia Hotspot Software allows you to provide free internet as the basic entry-level package. The system will present new users with a welcome page and list of options to connect. For example, you can provide a simple free internet splash page, or you can add extra user tiers. You might offer premium customers free internet, for example, while providing the option for a faster connection to those willing to pay for the extra bandwidth. This means that administrators can easily add different user tiers and allocate available bandwidth to users based on their membership tier. Alternatively, you can limit the amount of time users can access the internet for free - such as one hour per day, which is what a lot of airports and other large public venues to do. Either way, the software provides you ample opportunity to add additional streams of revenue to your company.

Preserve Your Branding with Extensive Customization Opportunities

When customers connect to your wireless network, they'll be greeted by a welcome page in their browser windows. You can customize this welcome page not only by offering multiple tiered options for internet access; but also, to preserve your branding and provide any further information. For example, you might use the space for providing news updates, such as events, opening hours and more. To help you get started, you can choose from a wide variety of themes complete with preset color schemes, background images and page layouts. However, all these themes are fully customizable, so you can use them as a sandbox to unleash your creativity. Uploading your logo and changing the color schemes and fonts to align with your brand image only takes a few minutes. Furthermore, the welcome page is fully responsive, so it looks great on any device, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

No matter your venue and industry, Antamedia Hotspot Software provides the ultimate solution for offering a public internet service. Get started today by visiting .

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Automate FTP and SFTP Transfers for Easier Synchronization

Business leaders are always looking for way to improve efficiency and get the maximum possible return on their investments in technology. Automation is leading the way in innovation as they try to do away with the cumbersome manual processes of old. One of these is file synchronization between FTP servers and local computers. Anyone who has ever tried to upload a file or two to their website using a conventional FTP client knows just how tedious the process can be. Conventional FTP clients are often slow and unresponsive to the point it takes ages just to upload or download a single file. In most cases, you also need to upload and download files individually, which makes it thoroughly impractical for all but the occasional small job. Now, there's another way thanks to FTPGetter 3, an application to automate FTP and SFTP transfers and banish those tedious, error-prone manual processes for good.

Customize your data synchronization tasks

FTPGetter 3 is designed for minimal user interaction. Simply set up a task, choose how often you want it to be carried out, and then it will do all of the hard work for you. You can set up a scheduled task in mere minutes. It supports file masks too, so if you want the program to only pay attention to files of certain formats, such as documents, pictures, or web pages, it lets you specify the file extensions. Once you've selected the directories and/or files you want to synchronize, you can choose the frequency at which you want the program to check for new file creations. For example, you can tell the task scheduler to check for new file creations or modifications once per day, and update the files on either the local computer or remote server as necessary. This way, all copies will always be kept current, and there is no longer any need for manually checking over everything.

Scripting capabilities for advanced tasks

With its minimal learning curve and intuitive, wizard-driven interface, FTPGetter 3 is very easy to use. This makes it a perfect choice for less experienced users, including those who are not very familiar with using a traditional FTP client. However, the software also includes an advanced additional set of features for more demanding users. There is a terminal emulator included for sending commands to the remote server, and there is a scripting engine for setting up more sophisticated tasks. The scripting lets you configure more complicated jobs to further improve performance. For example, if you want the program to synchronize hundreds of files and folders between a local computer and remote server, it's sometimes better to have them all compressed into a single archive. This saves space and makes it quicker and easier to download everything, and it also allows you to use FTPGetter 3 to build incremental backup archives of content stored on remote servers.

If you are looking for a way to automate FTP and SFTP transfers that is highly customizable and easy to use, FTPGetter 3 will do the job while also negating the risk of human error. Find out more by visiting .

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Document management, tracking and barcode scanning with Tag DOC

All businesses are under constant pressure to leverage modern technology to improve operational performance and reduce wastage. Documents have long played a central role in any organization, but we've moved far beyond the days of filing cabinets full of files. Today, document management systems help standardize the procedures around document tracking and other everyday business tasks. One of the biggest challenges facing today's businesses is becoming more efficient, and a big part of that can be attributed directly to digital transformation. Offices are relying less on paper, which is both difficult to search and presents a significant burden on human resources, business costs and environmental sustainability alike. That's why so many companies are now transferring their paper-based records into digital files by using document barcode scanning solutions like Tag DOC.

Tag DOC was developed to help companies digitally transform. By assigning barcodes to printed documents, it automates the scanning process to ensure that the digital copies are immediately stored in the right place. It lets users tag their documents with proprietary barcodes, so they no longer have to manage documents manually. Another important benefit of this system is that barcodes instantly make the digital copy searchable through the use of meta data. Also, when certain documents are scanned into the archiving system, there might be a need to trigger a certain event. For example, in a warehouse environment, when a completed pick ticket is scanned in, you might want the system to automatically generate an invoice for that order. Since the associated information is already contained in the scanned file, and translated into digital format using optical character recognition, it doesn't require any further input from the user.

Although OCR technology is a central component of many document management systems, it does have its limitations. It's not guaranteed to read every character, and it relies heavily on the appearance of the document. Fonts, print quality and other factors all influence the ability of the software to recognize the text and scan and translate it correctly. To overcome this limitation, Tag Doc uses a barcode that's been specifically designed to address these limitations and greatly increase the chances of the documents in question being reliably distributed through the automated workflow. In the example workflow, you can see how the document barcode scanner ensures that documents enter the workflow at the right place and time with minimal risk of problems occurring. Documents may be automatically tagged with the barcodes and scanned for automated printing. This also makes it easier to scan and distribute documents and archive and retrieve documents quickly.

The Tag DOC system is available as either a downloadable software product that you can install on a single machine or the Reform Link. The Reform Link is a small computer dedicated purely to document management, which can connect to as many as 10 or 20 desktop clients depending on the edition you choose. The Reform Link also includes many other FabSoft technologies to improve warehouse management and more. Get started today by getting your free 60-day trial at

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How to launch your own internet radio station

Thanks to modern technology, it's now possible for anyone to run their own online radio station, even if they're restricted by a very small budget. All you need is the right software, and you can easily broadcast your own station through your website and gain access to a raft of listener data to continually improve your offering. Regardless of whether you have a passion for music and want to share it with the rest of the world or you have been broadcasting professionally for years, the right tools will enable you to get your station online in no time. SAM Broadcaster Cloud makes it possible by providing everything you need to operate an online radio station, add it to your website and much more without having to know a thing about code or web design. The minimal learning curve lets you get your first radio station up and running in mere minutes, which is one of the reasons it has won no less than 21 awards and powers more than 200,000 web radio stations across 150 counties. It's an industry leader in radio automation software, and all subscriptions for this cloud-based offering include free updates.

Professional-grade software for every skillset

Thanks to its exceptional ease of use and rich set of highly customizable features, SAM Broadcaster Cloud is well-suited to both amateurs and veteran broadcasters alike. The platform provides a wide range of functions to help you personalize the experience to suit the preferences of your listeners. It includes a 5-band compressor, gap eliminator, cross fader, equalizer, fade detector and a limiter among other things. It also supports a huge range of formats including MP3, Windows Media, AAC, AAC Plus, MP3PRO and OGG. Broadcasters can also select from various supported audio streaming services, including SHOUTcast 1, SHOUTcast 2, Cheapest Stream, Icecast and Windows Media. The developers of SAM Broadcaster Cloud also provide access to their own servers for those who prefer to use them instead.

Add your radio station to your website in moments

So, you have your own online radio station, but the next decision is to figure out how to get it in front of the masses. If you have your own site, then that's the obvious place to add the functionality to. SAM Broadcaster Cloud ships with a customizable set of pre-programmed widgets which allow you to add your radio station to your website in minutes without having to get involved in any coding. All you need to do is copy and paste the widget code into any text box or other component of your website that has support for HTML. Once you've integrated SAM Broadcaster Cloud into your website, your online radio station will be instantly accessible to all your visitors and you can customize the experience by displaying song titles, upcoming tracks and much more. If you want, you can even let your listeners browse your playlist or even your entire collection and request songs. This also gives you access to a wealth of valuable user data that you can draw upon to make your radio station evermore popular.

Get started with your first always-online, cloud-hosted radio station with SAM Broadcaster Cloud by visiting

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Use business email more efficiently with MDaemon Messaging Server

The success of any business depends heavily on its ability to communicate efficiently and streamline back-office routines. MDaemon Messaging Server is more than just an email server. It provides enterprise-grade features and functionality at an affordable price, which is why it has been chosen by customers for more than two decades already. It helps streamline everyday functions like collaboration and communication, and it supports the three major email protocols - SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. It provides a large feature set allowing for maximum customization and configuration while retaining a high level of performance and uptime. Since it is tailored to the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses, it also offers a very affordable total cost of ownership, and it supports multiple languages to make it suitable for deployment in multilingual environments. It also includes cutting-edge features like support for multiple email domains, proactive web filtering, mailing lists and centralized administration.

Lock down your business communications with enterprise-grade security

With businesses of all sizes and across all industries facing a multitude of threats to their information security, it has never been more important to stay one step ahead of criminals. Given how much companies still rely on email, it's imperative that your email server is secure by design. This solution provides robust email security complete with a fully customizable framework allowing you to adapt it to your company needs and policies. The security features included are IP shielding, relay controls, multifactor authentication, reverse lookups and more. The email server can also encrypt all communications on the client and server side, while administrators can implement controls that allow them to automate the encryption, decryption and key-management process using PGP support. To adhere to certain industry compliance measures, such as those pertaining to document retention, this solution also includes built-in email archiving.

Manage both employee- and company-owned mobile devices easily

Mobile technologies have completely transformed the modern workplace, but the very fact they're at a greatly increased risk of getting lost or stolen often means they're also one of the weakest links when it comes to security. With more people checking their emails on mobile devices than desktops, it is now imperative that you have full mobile device management (MDM) that works with the rest of your systems. MDaemon Messaging Server helps you protect, monitor and manage company-owned mobile devices and enforce your organization's bring your own device (BYOD) policy. Thanks to the provision of integrated MDM, administrators can easily keep track of who's accessing their email servers and from which device using a centralized dashboard. This way, employees have access to the systems they need for work, while security personnel can retain full audit trails and manage mission-critical functions like emails, calendars, contacts and to-do lists.

The MDaemon Messaging Server has just been updated to version 19.0.1. Hosted e-mail options are now available with MDaemon Private Cloud. There have also been many smaller changes, bug fixes and general improvements. You can get started with this new solution by visiting

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Analyze communication history with Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp

As one of the most popular instant messaging apps of all time, it shouldn't come as a surprise that WhatsApp is a common target for malicious activity. Spammers regularly target users to advertise products and services of ill repute. Worse still, social engineering scammers are increasingly turning towards instant messaging to carry out phishing attacks designed to steal personal information. However, the fact that WhatsApp now encrypts every message while in transit using end-to-end encryption makes it impossible for law enforcement to request access to communication histories. Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, does not have access to this data, regardless of whether it's hosted in the cloud or stored on the device itself. As such, acquiring WhatsApp message history is only possible by accessing end-user devices or data backups stored locally or in the cloud.

To protect against instances of data loss and other threats, as well as supply evidence to law enforcement in case of being subject to litigation, businesses that use WhatsApp for work need access to their communication histories. That's why Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp was developed. This solution makes it easy to acquire and analyze communication histories from multiple sources. It can extract databased containing messages from Android phones, with or without root access. It can also download and access any backups stored in Google Drive or iCloud Drive, where cloud backups are stored by default on Android and iOS devices respectively. Finally, it can also extract data from locally stored backups. This solution supports the regular WhatsApp for Android and iOS as well as WhatsApp for Business on any devices running Android.

Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp lets business users easily perform complete audit trails of potential cyberattacks and other suspicious activities. If an employee has been misusing a company account, for example, this solution will reveal it immediately through the conveniently built-in viewer, which displays messages, calls and multimedia files exchanged. Similarly, if your organization has fallen victim to a social engineering scam or other attack, you'll be able to use the software to perform a full investigation of how the attack was carried out. Not only will this help you remediate faster; it will also help you reduce the future risk to your business and identify employees who might need further security awareness training. The program supports both rooted and non-rooted devices, and it can decrypt backups provided you have the correct user password. You can also use the built-in search function to quickly find records of interest in mere seconds.

For any organization that uses WhatsApp, Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp is a must-have solution for monitoring communications through this popular channel and maintaining full audit trails of all activities that take place over the platform. It's the ultimate digital forensic solutions for one of the world's most popular instant messaging apps, and there's a good chance it can help get your business out of a potentially serious situation, such as a wrongful accusation by law enforcement or an attempted phishing scam in progress. Download the trial version today or buy the standard edition online at

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Browse the internet freely and anonymously with PureVPN

A virtual private network (VPN) runs on top of a public network, typically the internet, to provide a dedicated gateway for users to connect through. This presents many advantages including improved security and privacy and the ability to surf the internet and access online services without being subject to geographical restrictions. PureVPN is one of the biggest VPN service providers for consumers looking for a way to use the internet to its maximum potential without facing constant threats to their privacy and liberty. Instead of having to depend on their internet service providers, they can now use the internet as it was meant to be used by connecting via a user-friendly solution that stays running in the background and provides a huge selection of handpicked servers to choose from.

Protect your online privacy

Online advertisers present a constant threat to your privacy by collecting browsing data that they can use in their remarketing efforts. While this data generally does not contain any personally identifiable information, these practices are unsettling for many. In fact, that's one of the main reasons why the general data protection regulation (GDPR) act was launched recently in Europe. It gives people more control over what data companies collect about their browsing habits and how they use it. Nonetheless, it's still best to connect to the internet via a VPN if you care about privacy. Every device connected to the internet has an IP address. This is a unique number or combination of letters and numbers that identifies your computer on the global network and contains basic information about your browsing session. IP addresses are publicly available and can be used to identify your internet service provider and approximate geographical location. IP addresses may also be used by law enforcement. When connecting through PureVPN, your real IP address is masked by that of whichever VPN server you select. This allows you to protect your privacy and remain completely anonymous whenever you're connected to the internet through a VPN server.

Use online services without restrictions

If you travel a lot, then you have no doubt already experienced the endless frustration of trying to browse the internet and use online services from abroad. You will find that many of the websites and services you're used to using back home instead return a message stating that the content is not available in your country. Easily the most extreme example of this is China, where the so-called Great Firewall of China prohibits access to a multitude of websites, including extremely popular ones like Facebook. By connecting to a VPN, you no longer need to worry about localized browsing restrictions. That's because websites and any other online services will think you're connecting from the same country as the one the VPN server is located in. PureVPN provides dozens of VPN servers in lots of different countries, effectively allowing you to access a truly global internet from an enormous variety of different locations. If you've ever wanted to watch your favorite Amazon Prime or Netflix shows next time you're on holiday abroad, that's certainly a welcome change! Get started today by visiting .

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