Analyze digital storage infrastructure with STOR2RRD

As businesses grow increasingly dependent on digital data, many are having a hard time trying to keep up with the demand. Today's operating systems and applications aren't getting any less storage-hungry either, and many in-house data centers are bursting under the seams of constantly increasing demand. To become more scalable and adaptable to change, every business needs a reliable way to track and manage its digital assets. STOR2RRD was developed to help ease the digital storage burden by giving businesses the control they need. It gathers information from all the physical and virtual servers and other data-bearing devices connected to your SAN or WAN. It gives you a prognosis for all covered infrastructure, lets you fix problems proactively and troubleshoot issues easily. If you're looking for a way to optimize your mission-critical IT infrastructure, then STOR2RRD provides a must-have solution.

Optimize your storage networks and bandwidth consumption

Now that the modern business has grown so data-hungry, it has become more important than ever to retain complete control over the administration of your digital assets. The very performance of your business right down to the levels of productivity of your employees and the availability of every mission-critical system depend on it. Today's companies need to think about things like data governance, security, compliance, privacy and availability to name a few. But you cannot expect to do any of those things effectively if you don't know where your assets lie and their various specifications. With STOR2RRD at your disposal, you can monitor the performance and more of the storage devices connected to your network. This lets you monitor or troubleshoot activity in a proactive manner, access a real-time prognosis for all your infrastructure and optimize bandwidth consumption and storage space without having to constantly fork out for more hardware and services.

STOR2RRD provides full native support for a huge range of storage devices, including those from leading brands like NetApp, IBM, Hitachi, Dell EMC, Lenovo, HPE, and many other vendors ranging from Huawei to Pure Storage. On top of that, it supports storage area networks powered by Cisco, Brocade, and QLogic, and local area network devices made by Cisco, Huawei and any other networked device which is compatible with Cisco SNMP MIBs. Support for various other devices is always under development, so in the unlikely event STOR2RRD doesn't support your current infrastructure in its entirety, just keep an eye out on the under-development page and product roadmap or send a query to find out more at

STOR2RRD is all about convenience and accessibility when it comes to helping businesses carry out data governance and proactive management procedures with ease. It allows you to obtain the information you are looking for with just two or three clicks, and you can find the exact utilization of any attached device in a simple and user-friendly graphical form. This makes it comprehensible to anyone from technicians to management-level people who might not also be technical experts themselves. It is also free to use, making it a great alternative for those who would rather not invest in costly commercial solutions.

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Regain control over your time spent on the web with VPN

A lot of people still don't realize that their every move is being tracked while they're surfing the internet. This is perhaps due to the dated concept that interactions over the internet are generally anonymous. The reality is quite different. Although websites generally can't collect the sensitive personal information without using fraudulent tactics, most websites and online services collect whatever information they can to use for customized advertising and other things. For example, whenever you visit a website or use an online service, the owner can see your IP address. This is a unique identifier that every device connected to the internet has, and it contains information about your internet service provider which, in turn, gives away your approximate geographical location. That's why you often see localized advertisements and other content stating your city or state.

Take back control by hiding your real IP address

A virtual private network lets you connect to the public internet through a third-party intermediary. VPN for Windows provides a handpicked list of VPNs across multiple countries and territories, thereby allowing you to browse the internet as though you're browsing from the location of the VPN server rather than your real one. This allows you to take back control over which websites and online services you use, instead of being subjected to oppressive local content filters, licensing regimes and other restrictions. For example, if you are travelling abroad, yet you want to be able to still watch your favorite Netflix shows, you may see a message stating that the content isn't available in your country. In this case, you can connect to the internet via a VPN located back in your home country without having to be subjected to local restrictions and website versions.

Regain control over your online privacy

Whenever you visit a website, it records information about your visit. This data may be sold on to advertisers or used by the website owners to deliver personalized ads. Sometimes, these ads pop up at the most inconvenient time even to the point of spoiling things like birthday surprises by showing which presents you purchased in the form of on-site ads. When you connect through a VPN, you can choose a different server every time to hide your browsing habits from advertisers. Combined with an ad blocker, using a VPN can provide you with a completely anonymous experience over which you have complete control. To further enhance your online experience, using a VPN lets you connect to public networks, such as wireless hotspots, without having to worry about data being intercepted by an eavesdropper between a local router and your device. VPN for Windows provides many special features to help you protect your online experiences. It protects your security with DNS leak protection and split tunneling while automatically connecting at startup to the VPN provider of your choice. There is no sign up or registration requires, and the developers of the program don't collect any personally identifiable information about you. It also requires no special knowledge and is easy to use even for complete beginners. Download your VPN client today at

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Protect your accounts with a free password manager for Windows

A study in 2015 found that the average internet user has 90 online accounts. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why so many people have poor password habits, such as reusing the same password for most, if not all of the online accounts they own. On the other hand, trying to remember so many different passwords is simply impossible for most of us. Without having a suitable way to manage so much login information, it is easier than ever to end up compromising your digital security. Yet, passwords still play a central role in digital security, and that is not likely to change any time soon. Unfortunately, password overload is a real problem, and it constantly feeds into the temptation to reuse passwords or choose ones that are easy to remember and, therefore, easy for attackers to guess or crack.

Almost all of us have experienced the annoyance of forgetting login details for an important online account on multiple occasions. If those accounts are for a system that contains lots of highly sensitive information, such as online bank accounts and email accounts, then entering the wrong login information repeatedly often results in being locked out of the account. If that happens, you often need to go through lengthy processes to regain access to the account while, in the worst-case scenarios, you may be locked out for good. This is a particularly widespread concern with things like Bitcoin wallets, which typically aren't mediated by third parties. In other words, if you lose access to the account, you lose access to your money for good. No wonder so many of us are in the habit of using the same, easy memorable passwords over and over!

What is a password manager?

Cyclonis Password Manager is a free password manager for Windows that keeps a secure repository of all your passwords under a unified login, also known as a master password. That way, you only have to worry about remembering a single password. It's much easier to remember one very long and complex password and change it regularly than try to remember the login details for almost a hundred online accounts. Using a password manager helps boost your online security simply by giving you a more convenient way to store and look after and manage your passwords. This makes users far less likely to develop poor security habits that can compromise their online safety and lead to disasters like fraud and identity theft. With the free password manager for Windows, you can store all passwords in one location and have them synchronized across all the devices you use.

Cyclonis Password Manager helps you boost your online productivity with its quick and user-friendly functionality. You can log in to all of the websites and online services you use automatically, and fill in long and complicated online forms with just a few clicks. All data is stored in a password vault protected by an AES-256 encryption algorithm, and you can add it to your browser by way of a simple plugin that supports Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Download your free password manager for Windows today at

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Low-cost computer aided design software with no compromises

Mainstream computer aided design (CAD) software rarely comes cheap, which makes it far less accessible to beginners and a substantial cost burden to professionals. Fortunately, going for a more affordable option doesn't have to mean compromising on quality. nanoCAD Plus offers a professional-grade solution at an entry-level price without making any compromises on quality, functionality and features. At the same time, it has an instantly familiar interface to anyone who has used CAD software before. Its powerful drafting and design tools are rich and powerful and designed to take full advantage of your available hardware for maximum responsiveness and reliability. It is also fully compatible with the industry standard DWG format, and it has an open API. The software is available as a low-cost annual subscription, which includes all updates and priority customer support.

Experience a new level of design with dynamic input and tool palettes

nanoCAD Plus provides new opportunities for creating professional drawings in less time and to the very highest standard of quality and accuracy. It is equipped with dynamic input tool palettes and a refined user interface that keeps the learning curve to a minimum for those migrating from other CAD solutions. The dynamic input feature provides a command line interface right at the crosshair to allow users to enter in data like the length of a line or the radius of a circle. You can use dynamic input when creating new objects of editing existing one to greatly simplify the overall drafting process. At the same time, the customizable tool palettes let you quickly and easily configure your favorite commands so that they're always just a click away. You can include blocks, hatches and scripts in your customized palettes as well as customize other areas of the user interface.

Proactive management, priority support and predictable pricing

One of the first reasons a growing number of professional designers are now choosing nanoCAD Plus is that it offers an unbeatable total cost of ownership without demanding regular costly upgrades and one-time purchases. With a subscription, you also get access to priority customer support and updates for the entire duration of your subscription. After all, most users depend on nanoCAD Plus for their livelihood, so it's always good to know that, when you have answers, you can get them quickly and easily. Support is provided by email, help desk or over Skype, while the Nanosoft Forum offers access to the wider nanoCAD community, where there's lots of useful content to help you get started and master your trade. There are different licensing plans available too, which makes nanoCAD Plus an ideal solution for people using either standalone workstations or multiple ones.

Being a professional-grade solution, nanoCAD Plus provides the full range of advanced features and functionality you would expect from any major CAD solution. There are many productivity tools included, such as advanced layer management, batch plotting, PDF printing, hybrid and raster editing tools an plenty more to come in the future. nanoCAD Plus is always getting better as it accommodates its users per their needs and demands. The new dynamic input features will surely save some time. Find out more by visiting

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Business intelligence made easy with MARS Automation for MS Access

Digital data is the most powerful and high-value commodity in the modern world. Now that we have entered the new era of big data, or data sets that are simply too vast for the human mind to comprehend in any meaningful way, businesses need to start rethinking their approach. At the same time, the enormous and unprecedented proliferation of data potentially provides every organization with many exciting new opportunities. It's how you access and use the data that really counts, but that's not getting any easier if you are still relying on manual processes alone. Business intelligence depends on your ability to access, quantify and measure digital data stored across an increasingly vast range of different systems and devices. This requires a conveniently centralized reporting feature that gives you full visibility into your digital assets to drive smarter decision-making and reduce the amount of time it takes to start doing more with data.

Automate reports and queries with Microsoft Access databases

As a general rule in the modern workplace, anything that can be automated should be automated. This lets your employees focus on core priorities that add value to your entire business without having to get bogged down with tedious routine tasks that eat away at productivity and morale. However, it isn't easy to make sense out of Microsoft Access databases when you are relying on manual procedures alone. The reporting functions provided are also very limited, and getting to understand the inner workings of this popular database management system is well beyond the knowledge and skills of many people. MARS, Microsoft Access Reports Scheduler, automates and simplifies the process with a function- and feature-rich solution that lets administrators define and schedule customized reports and have them sent automatically to a printer, folder, online storage or email in a variety of different formats.

Date and time scheduling to customize your reports

To get started with MARS, all you need to do is set up a schedule using the simple, step-by-step interface. The first step is to choose how often you would like each report to be run, before choosing your preferred report format and, finally, selecting where to have it sent to. Supported formats include Microsoft Word, Excel, HTML, RTF and Acrobat among others. You can have it sent to various destinations, including email, SMS, FTP, printers, fax machines, folders or DropBox. When you set up your reports, you have lots of useful options to choose the frequency so you get them when you need them, without being sidetracked from your everyday routine. For example, you can choose daily or weekly reports, or you can create a fully customized plan from scratch. If, for example, you want to run a report on the first Monday of every month, every second day, or twice every Friday, MARS has you covered. Macros let you schedule reports and queries with multiple different parameters, formats, frequencies and destinations in any level of complexity.

Release 20190612 of MARS is now available. The latest version comes with an annual service release and various performance improvements and minor bug fixes. Get started today at

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Regain control over your data with a privacy-first web browser

People have fast grown accustomed to having easy access to the internet no matter where they are, but this convenience comes at a high price. Now that digital data is the world's favorite commodity, advertisers are collecting it with any opportunity they can get, while cybercriminals always look for new ways to misappropriate people's private information. Online privacy is now the concern of the century in a world where people have less control over what others know about them than ever before. The impact of the web is no longer something people can take for granted, at least not if they care about their privacy and want a long-term solution that helps them do just that.

Maiar is a specialized web browser that does exactly that. If you are tired of online ads and the way they know more and more about you, such as your previous browsing habits and location, then conventional browsers are not going to cut it. Maiar offers privacy and security by design and default. It can block ads without you having to download any additional extensions, which themselves are likely to track your browsing habits anyway. Moreover, when you no longer have to worry about unwanted online content getting in the way of your browsing experience, you can browse much faster, with some users reporting webpage loading times a mere eighth of what they used to be once upgrading to Maiar.

Fight back against the surveillance economy

Many of the wealthiest and most powerful organizations in the world are those which collect data about their users and then sell it to advertisers. Even if the advertisers themselves don't misappropriate this data, there are many other third parties that do. One of the most poignant examples of this was the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal, which saw the data from millions of users of the world's favorite social network misappropriated for political gain. This decade will no doubt go down in history as the age when surveillance capitalism became a driving force behind the economy. Unfortunately, things are showing no signs of slowing down, and the next ten years are likely to be even worse.

Maiar puts consumers back in control of their data, helping them protect their privacy and security and safeguard their browsing from advertisers, government surveillance operatives and cybercriminals alike. Furthermore, Maiar, unlike all the mainstream browser developers, is not involved in the personal data business. Their servers do not see or store any browsing data, and instead everything stays private on your own device until you choose to delete it. This also means it will remain completely inaccessible to third parties. The privacy settings are enabled by default as well to give users complete transparency into if and how their data is collected. There's also a built-in password manager, secure site upgrades and the ability to automatically block the annoying auto-playing videos that many advertisers rely on to disrupt users' browsing experiences.

If you're ready to enjoy a faster, more secure and private browsing experience that automatically blocks ads, download Maiar today at

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Add full NTFS support to your Mac

Apple devices are often lamented for vendor lock-in owing to the multitude of compatibility issues they have with PCs. If you've ever tried plugging in an external hard drive or other kind of storage device to your Mac, then you've already experienced just how limited these devices can be. Although MacOS does provide limited support for NTFS-formatted drives, it leaves a lot to be desired. Most importantly, the native support for these Windows-formatted storage devices only allows for reading the information on them. You cannot edit, copy, move or delete files unless you connect the device to a system running Windows or another operating system that offers native support for the world's most popular file system. To enable functionality of the same degree in MacOS, you need to use an additional driver.

Tuxera NTFS for Mac lets you use external USB drives, which are formatted for Windows, on your Macintosh device without any such restrictions. You can swap drives regularly between the different operating systems without any problems, which makes it a must-have solution for anyone who regularly uses both brands. It also comes in very useful if you want to enable the seamless exchange of data between the two operating systems. For example, if you dual boot both operating systems, you will probably need a way to exchange data effortlessly between the two. The driver easily handles files through virtual machines as well, which is ideal if you want to give MacOS a test run on your Windows PC using a virtual machine layer like VMWare or another.

Enjoy native-level performance and security

Tuxera NTFS for Mac provides the fastest possible transfer speeds between your NTFS-formatted storage devices and MacOS. Thanks to the smart-caching technology, you can enjoy a similar level of data transfer performance as that which you are used to within Windows. That means less time spend when copying and saving files between your USB drives and your Mac computer. It offers sustained transfer speeds to take advantage of the latest storage technologies, such as external solid-state drives and others. Thanks to the provision of market-leading failsafe technology, you can also preserve what's important in the event of a power cut. If there's a disruption, you will be able to continue where you started without having to worry about corrupted file systems and damaged storage devices.

Advanced features for enthusiast users

Although Tuxera NTFS for Mac prides itself on being exceptionally easy to use, it still offers advanced features for technologists. Most importantly, it provides full support for the extended file and folder attributes used by the NTFS file system. It also provides full compatibility with all of the popular virtualization and data encryption solutions, including VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop. The software includes a disk manager too for making it easy for scan, format and repair NTFS drives without ever having to boot up into a Windows system.

Tuxera NTFS for Mac is available for a convenient one-time purchase. Find out more or try the application today by visiting

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Add a file hosting and sharing service to your site with YetiShare

Empowered by ever-faster internet connections, many people have grown used to storing and sharing their multimedia collections online. File hosting and sharing websites have grown enormously in popularity in recent years to the extent they've formed a major industry of their own. In fact, there are few better ways to monetize your website than by adding a paid sharing and file hosting service where people can download the files they want for a one-time fee or a monthly subscription. But, adding such a functionality to your website doesn't necessarily mean having pay the high cost of hiring a professional developer. Thanks to pre-programed web scripts, you can add the functionality yourself without even having to write a single line of code. That's exactly why the YetiShare file hosting script was developed!

Provide an excellent user experience on any device

The rise of the mobile-only user has rapidly taken off in recent years as smartphones grow more and more capable. In fact, the desktop has now been relegated to something of a niche, with well over half of all web traffic now coming from the small screen. Yet, despite this rapidly growing trend, many websites and online services still provide a woefully inadequate and poorly optimized experience for mobile users. File sharing websites can be counted among them in many cases. Fortunately, YetiShare provides a neatly streamlined experience on any device, whether it's a desktop, smartphone, or a tablet. Whether users prefer touch screens or the traditional mouse and keyboard, it offers a responsive experience that caters to all types of users. Even the administration area is mobile-friendly.

Upload and download large files without restrictions

Chances are you've tried to attach a large file to an email or used one of the many free or cheap file sharing or hosting services only to find that there are oppressive restrictions pertaining to file size. In fact, a lot of web-based email services still have attachment size restrictions of as little as 10 MB. You can't fit much more than a basic word document or a handful of pictures into such a file size. Although most file sharing and hosting services allow for significantly larger files, they often feature limits that aren't nearly generous enough to host high-definition videos or most software downloads. Unless your website is going to be restricted to the smallest, most lightweight of downloads, you'll want a service that lets you and your users work with large files without a problem.

No archaic Flash technology

If you've been using the internet for a while, you might remember the old Flash-powered rich media websites where you'd often need to wait for several minutes for the page to load. Flash technology is now long deprecated, and it isn't even supported by most modern browsers, especially on smartphones. YetiShare is written entirely in HTML5 to make it fully compatible with any modern web browser on any device. The recent update also offers some fixes and improvements, including an update of the latest IP locations and a fix to the IP location library. Get started today at

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KMPlayer 64X Multimedia Player - An 8K and HDR Video Player

If you've ever wanted to enjoy the very best video quality modern technology can offer, then a simple video player just isn't going to cut it. While it might be just fine with standard high-definition content, it's a different matter if you up the resolution to 4K. Take it even higher to the newer 8K formats, and chances are your computer will slow to a crawl, and the video will look more like a slideshow. While you still need a powerful machine to decode 4K and 8K video, having an efficient multimedia player is a must. Not only do these higher resolutions require exponentially more processing power - they also need very efficient algorithms for decoding and playing back the video so that it's watchable. Add high dynamic range (HDR) into the mix, and the system requirements increase even more. Yet, even if you have a very powerful machine, having the wrong software will let you down.

KMPlayer 64X takes full advantage of today's 64-bit multicore processors to provide users with the best possible playback experience. It uses all of the available hardware in your machine to render video in resolutions of up to 8K, which is a staggering 16 times more on-screen real estate than standard high-definition video formats. If you have a monitor that supports the brilliant dynamic colors of HDR technology, you will never want to go back to standard video recordings again. KMPlayer 64X goes beyond the basic media players included with modern operating systems to provide the richest video viewing experience possible. It's an 8K player and an HDR player that preserves every pixel to let users watch movies and other videos as they were meant to be watched. It also provides various advanced video settings to allow power users to tap into even more features to bring the experience to a whole new level.

Best of all, you don't even need an HDR-enabled monitor to enjoy the rich colors of this new technology. Even if you just have a standard monitor, KMPlayer 64X will express the darkest colors and unleash the best contrasts using its powerful algorithms. Whether it's 4K, 8K, UHD, or 60FPS videos, KMPlayer 64X uses the latest versions of the highest-quality codecs. These include HEVC (h.256), h.264 and VP9, all of which are fully supported by hardware acceleration. This means that CPU usage is kept to a minimum, all without compromising on playback quality. Even if you are using a low-end PC or a low-powered laptop, you will still be able to enjoy very high video quality without draining battery life so much. Thanks to the automatic HDR calibration function, a unique feature built into the video player, it will play the best quality video that your device can support. It also lets you download YouTube videos simply by entering the video's URL and playing it in the program without you having to open your web browser - a great choice for those who regularly find themselves on the move without internet access.

If you're looking for a lightweight yet cutting-edge 8K player or HDR player, then look no further than KMPlayer 64X at

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Russia Demands VPN Providers to Comply with Censorship; VyprVPN Refuses

Censorship in Russia has been steadily rising in the past few years, most notably with the announcement in July 2017 when the initial VPN law was signed, and later took effect the following November. Since that time, the VPN industry was waiting to see what the outcome of the legislation would be. While oppression and censorship marched steadily forward, it seems our industry finally has an answer.

This week, Russia's communications branch Roskomnadzor sent compliance demands to several VPN providers, including VyprVPN. You can view the email that we received below, with full translation.

The strong censorship and oppression of the Russian regime was the main reason for us to avoid locating any of our servers inside of Russia. Our core mission is to keep the Internet open and free, and therefore, we will continue to provide uncensored access to the Internet in Russia and around the world. We will not cooperate with the Russian government in their efforts to censor VPN services.

The VyprVPN team has been battling against the censorship created by the Great Firewall of China, and we believe that China has exported the Great Firewall technology to regimes across the world, including Russia.

We do not support or condone censorship in Russia or any other area of the world, and will continue to fight censorship and for a free and open Internet, regardless of legislation passed in Russia and elsewhere.

We are committed to providing Internet users around the world with the tools needed to access news and information without censorship. We will continue to honor our commitment to fight for a free Internet, this time in Russia.

At you will find easy-to-use VPN apps for all of your desktop and mobile devices, including the Mac version. Sign up for an account, download VyprVPN and enjoy a free and open Internet!

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