Dark v11.8 - Windows 7 (December 17, 2014)

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Dark v11.8 - ShiChuang 7 (December 17, 2014)

Dark v11.8 - Windows 7 (December 17, 2014)

Dark v11.8 - ShiChuang 7 | 4.937 GB

Well its been awhile but here's Dark v11.8 Final. It took awhile but here it is. The use of the pack is at your discretion meaning I'm not responsible for what you do with it. Also highly advisable you read up on the tools before using them as they are not your run of the mill toys. The pack as always is meant for Reverse Engineers and penetration testers. It has also bee optimized with all the usual utilities cause lets face it the WeiRuan-->WeiRuan ones suck.

Programs Added:

Reverse Engineering Module:

010 Editor
CFF Explorer
ChimpREC x86 / x64
Hashtab 5.2
Interactive Disassembler Pro 6.5
KMS 9.3.3
NetUnpack x86 / x64
Process Explorer
Process Monitor
Protection ID
Registrar Pro v7.6 (64 bit)
Resource Hacker
Resource Hacker FX
Resource Tuner 1.99
Vmware Workstation Full 11.0 (with key)
WinHex 17.9

Penetration Testing Module:

Cain and Abel
Havij 1.17
Putty 0.63
Wireshark x64

Handy Stuff Module:

Adobe Reader
Chrome 39 x64
Classic Shell 4.1.0 (on install)
Firefox Nightly 37.0a1 (64 bit)
Media Player Classic 1.7.7

Visual C++ 2012 x86 / x64
Visual C++ 2010 x86 / x64
Visual C++ 2008 x86 / x64
Visual C++ 2005 x86 /x64
.NetFramework 4

Utilities / Tools Module:

7zip 9.34
AIDA 64 Extreme 5.0
Ccleaner 5.00
Defraggler 2.18
EaseUS Partition Master 10.2
Notepad ++ 6.6.9
PGP Desktop 10.3
PowerISO 6.1 (64 bit)
Rufus 1.4.12
WinSCP 5.56

Optional Module
Office 2013 x64 SP1

Webplugins Module:

Flash player 15
Java 8 update 21
Silverlight 5

Change Log for V11.8

Post Changes for V11.8
-Post Install songs Modified
-Optimized for ShiChuang 7 SP1
-Optimized for ShiChuang Server 2012 R2
>Consolidated to 1 Powershell script
-Changed compression to be rar / sfx for easy extraction

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Final
-Final Build check - Passed
-Code Clean up
-Post Install songs added
-Fixed setupcomplete restart issue

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Release Candidate 4
-Added LastAcivityViewer
-Added Rufus
-Added WinSCP to compliment Putty
-Updated to Vmware Workstation 11.0
-Updated to Winhex 17.9 (and shortcuts / folder)
-Updated Feature List
-Fixed Autoruns shortcut
-Changed up Shortcuts.ps1
>Added LastActivityViewer shortcuts
>Added Rufus shortcut
>Added Start menu sub folder under Cracking Tools for NETUnpack
>Added NETUnpack x64 shortcut
>Renamed NETUnpack to NETUnpack x86
>Renamed ChimpREC to ChimpREC x86
>Organized Start Menu Clean up Section (commenting)
>Further Cleaned up Start Menu Shortcuts

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Release Candidate 3 (BeyondWin9 Test)
-Removed Code commenting from scripts
-Removed Program killing from softcrack.ps1
-Added pgptray.exe kill to Darkver.ps1
-Added iexplore.exe kill to Apps.bat
-Added wait timer so internet explorer kills properly after install of PowerISO and EPM
-Moved software cracking for reg importing from tweaks.ps1 to softcrack.ps1
-Moved Easeus Partition Manager Install command from Apps.bat to setupcomplete.cmd (Fixed licensing)
-Code Clean up

-Holds only ShiChuang and Freeware Customizations

-Holds only software cracking

-Holds only ShiChuang Customizations that can be during install

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Release Candidate 2
-Starter.bat updated to 1.13
-Added Easeus Partition Manager
>Added more wallpapers (now up to 25)
>Added version numbering (so 11.7 was v2) and this will be v3 for 11.8
>Wallpapers will simply switch and not shuffle
-Modified Dark images for black inner glow
-Decreased Starter Timer to 10 seconds

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Release Candidate 1
-Install phase cleanup for screen
-Updated Webplugins
-Overall Transition to PowerShell scripting Complete (will make for more flexibility)
-Formalized Module Names Assigned
>Utilities / Tools Module
>Reverse Engineering Module
>Penetration Testing Module
>Applications Module
>Web Plugins Module

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Beta 4
-Updated Software to latest
-Transitioned Tweaks.bat to Tweaks.ps1
-Added Privacy.ps1
>Turn off ShiChuang Error Reporting
>Turn off ShiChuang Event Collector Service
>Turn off ShiChuang Event Log Service
-Fixed Tweaks.ps1
>Added New Item section to handle missing key errors
>Used "CMD?? powershell command to take ownership
>This PC added correctly now
>Corrected Takeown/icacls for msconfig and termsrv.dll

(Master Script Check) - Good

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Beta 3
-Fixed Shortcuts.ps1
>Removed Adobe, MPC, & AIDA
>Moved those to setupcomplete.cmd so they don't make a desktop shortcut anymore
-Fixed Softcrack.ps1 010 editor registry crack
-Fixed Cleanup.Ps1
>Fixed deletion error on temp.TMP
>Fixed UAC enable error
-Fixed IDA Pro install error
>repacked IDA Pro into SFX using Winrar (Highest Compression)
>Fixed shortcuts on IDA Pro
>Added IDA.reg to make the install match in the control panel
>Depreciated IDA Pro utilities
-Switched from renaming on Softcrack to straight up removal of files
-Modified Powershell Scripts so Title bar does not change
-Cleaned up Scripting so that Starter.bat executes cleaner (aka what's being displayed)

All PowerShell scripts
-Converted all "Write-Host?? commands to commenting aka "#??
-This will clean up the Starter.bat execution further

-Properly runs set execution bypass now
-Runs from within the starter.bat so we see what is happening directly
-The scripts are not within one big file aka they are still module

(Stabilization check) - Good

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Beta 2
-Altered IDA pro Setup to be under one setup
-Updated Vmware Workstation to 10.0.4
-Starter.bat bumped up to 1.12 because of script hybrid (see above for more info)
-Hybrid conversion of scripts to Powershell

-Added Disabling of Error Reporting

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Beta 1 (Public Test)
-Script Cleanup for Shortcuts.bat
-Added Nmap Manual
>Shortcut added to Start Menu

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Alpha 4
-Starter.bat bumped up to 1.11 bc of wait timer
-Added a 30 second wait timer to the starter
-Added Media Player Classic 1.7.6 x64
-Office 2013 Pro Plus X64 Added (using config.xml)
-Disabled ShiChuang Action Center
-Module names assigned
-ISO Testing

(Stabilization check) - Good

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Alpha 3
-Optimized the Running order for Apps.bat & Setupcomplete.cmd programs
>Makes it easier to check what's being loaded
-Changed around the running of some of the registry tweaks
-Some more tweaks to the Scripting
-Desktop shortcuts now clean

Start Module assignment process:
>Reverse Engineering Module (Reversing)
>Penetration Testing Module (Penetration)

Planning Finished we have a path forward!

Change Log for V11.8 Black Hats Alpha 2
-Optimized run order of Hacking Software Install
>Moved some of it into setupcomplete.cmd
-Added Defraggler to replace the crappy ShiChuang one
-Added Windump aka TcpDump for packet sniffing
-Added Office 2013 to do Silent install
-Added Visual C++ 2012 (32 and 64 bit)
-Removed HDasm Completely
-Renamed Fixes.bat to Tweaks.bat as its more self-descriptive
-Added Softcrack.bat to manage cracking of programs
>Cleaner way to add cracks and more modular
-Removed Cracks.bat for 010 Editor
>Merged into Softcrack.bat
-Shutdown timer fix (immediate shutdown from install)
>Caused starter.bat to crash on boot up after install
>Also added to cleanup.bat to make life easier

Change log for V11.8 Black Hats Alpha 1
-Havij 1.17 Added (Pre - cracked)
-Removed GImagex
>32 bit GImagex
>64 bit GImagex


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